Florian's b-day/ X-Mas present from Grd Parents...

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Florian's b-day/ X-Mas present from Grd Parents...

I had been talking with my mom and dad on Skype and here's what they decided to get him


I found it on Amazon with free shipping Wink

I am sure he will like it...

sorry I had to share I am very exited for him...

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He will LOVE that!!! We have a train table and its so nice to have one place for all the trains. That one you will get is super nice!

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He's going to love it!! We just got Miles one for his birthday and it's been a huge hit. Be prepared for the first few days. Florian will probably play with it literally all day long. Lol

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Wow, that is gorgeous. How fun! I'm sure he'll love it.

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We have a very similar one to that Zayden got for Christmas last year. Still his favorite thing ever. He plays trains on it DAILY!

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did you "glue" the track or let them loose..
if I let them loose I know they will "fly"..
is there instruction on how to do ti the "best way"??????????

I was thinking putting it in his bedroom (which as now has no toys just boos) but I am worried he will not want to sleep....

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We keep the track and trains in a bin under the table and he can build new tracks all the time. Usually what happens is Justin spends hours building really cool tracks and then Deacon plays with it for 5 minutes before taking it all apart.

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We did not glue in order for it to be movable but I wish we had (and still might) Usually he is pretty good adn leaves it --the tracks pretty much have to go one way to fit on the table - but he gets frustrated or upset sometimes and they do go flying.

Like Jenn --every now and again Charley takes the tracks and they build a new train track --in the middle of the flipping floor --for me to trip over. Sigh.

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ah ah ah we have similar "boys" Wink since he has wooden then that are not with the table I think I am going to "glue" the kidkraft one and he has a Melissa and Doug set and I just got one on the mamabargain website then so I can take with us when we go to our cabin or on trip.... Wink

thanks for sharing your experience and the "flying" parts ROFL

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That is super cool!!

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Very cool!

I had this on Lyla's list last year. It folds up, trains fit in the garage part, and they can carry it by the handle. My cousin's boy has one, and Lyla loves it.


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Florian is going to be so excited! That's a great gift! Make sure you get a picture of his face when he opens it Wink

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That's awesome! He'll love it! My dad and DH made Noah a train table awhile back because we got TONS of track, trains and accessories handed down from my brother's kids. We change the track about once a week or so, make new ones. For about the first week, Noah wouldn't even leave the train table to come to dinner. It was crazy. It's seriously a great present!

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that is awesome! trains are played with everyday at our house, i am sure he will love it!!

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That looks awesome! I bet he'll love it!

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WOW!!! :eek: Jealous! What a wonderful surprise for Florian! Make sure you take a picture of that smile, when he first sees it!

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I love it, what a great gift! We've been talking about getting Jude something similar soon. His trains and tracks right now reside in two bins, which he loooves to completely dump out. :rolleyes:

It sounds like you guys ALL love your train tables, which makes me think it'd be a huge hit over here, too!