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What sorts of things did your child receive for Christmas? What is their favorite?

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Sophia got Woody and Bullseye dolls from Toy Story. Woody has the pull string on the back and says all the same phrases as the one in the movie, but it's not Tom Hanks' voice. Bullseye makes a galloping sound when you squeeze his ear. She likes those but hasn't played with them a ton. Actually, Bullseye was a big hit with Layla. Wink Sophia also got Mader and Finn McMissle from Cars...they are not the little ones but kind of medium sized cars and when you push certain things their eyes change and random stuff like that. She LOVES those...they are probably her favorite. She pushes those cars all over the house. She also got a couple of small (like matchbox size) cars, Lightning McQueen and another random one I'm not sure what it's name is. (What can I say, my kid loves boy toys!)

She got a Lalaloopsy Doll and a Lalaloopsy book, oh and some Cinderella dress up shoes that she WILL NOT TAKE OFF, and let me tell you when she steps on my bare toes with the heels of those suckers IT HURTS!! I wouldn't mind throwing those out. LOL She is not a girly girl but she LOVES to wear shoes with heels that make noise when she walks. Biggrin She got a doctor's kit with a million play doctor's tools in it and then a real stethoscope because she is obsessed with stethoscopes for some reason and my parents have a real one that she loves to play with when she's at their house so they got her one. Dali dreams of her being a doctor so maybe he'll get his wish.

She got the Lion King DVD and we have watched it no less than 10 times since Christmas morning (she had never seen it before). Lots of other small stuff but those are the main things she's been playing with!

ETA: Oh, and I forgot that Jenn and Justin and Deacon got her a cute little bathtub with all the tools to "bath her babies" and a cute little baby doll. She took the bath and all the tools into the bathtub with her on Monday night and had a grand old time giving Layla a bath with it. LOL There is even a toothbrush that she was trying to brush Layla's teeth with and that was not a big hit with Layla cause the bristles are hard plastic. HA! She totally thinks Layla is her baby doll. It also came with a rubber ducky that lights up when it gets in the water and even changes color so both girls loved that. Smile

WOW this post ended up being long. Oops.

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Jackson got Duplo blocks. He wanted a Fire Truck, Ambulance, and Helicopter, so we got them all as Duplo blocks. They keep him busy Smile He also got some puzzles and bongo drums (which are actually kind of nice, they're not that loud). He's getting a keyboard from MIL this weekend (he asked for a piano, so close enough). In his stocking were some paints and stamps he's been dying to use.

He's also been playing with Colby's walker that he got and dying to open Colby's Little People airplane. (Poor Colby, that's about all he got except a bookshelf and personalized board book, things that really I wanted to get him Smile )

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Table with train set and the radio car !!!!!

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Cora got a cute indoor play tent that looks like a tree. The tent has windows and doors and a mailbox. Both girls play so well together in the tent, and it is really the first time they really have been playing together much.

Lyla also got a big fisher price doll house, it was a hand me down from my niece, but I suggested it. Lyla mainly takes all of the doll house accessories in the tent.

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All three girls got Ipod touches and Inno Tabs. Emma really isn't interested in the INNO tab since the Touch was the main gift. Gabby loves her touch and the INNO tab and Gabby also got the Loving Family doll house and all three of them play with that for hours. We went out today and spent their gift card money. We were shopping for HOURS. Insane how much clothes 2 girls can buy. I was wiped out.

Needless to say I'm ready to organize all the old clothes and toys to see what we can get rid of to make way for the new stuff.

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Jack got a Vtech mobigo touch screen system, a little drum set, more trucks and helicopters and a little Chugington train play set. I wanted to get him a play tent but right now the house is disorganized with moving stuff around so I wouldn't know where to put it but I may get him one when his room is done being set up.

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Tayna & Kristen- My Dad got the kids a drum set a while ago. I was prepared to hate it, but I actually love when they play. They have so much fun dancing and singing that I don't mind the noise. My neighbors on the otherhand might. Wink

Santa brought my kiddos a train table. That's been a big hit! they also really like their digital cameras and, this big cardboard house that they can color.

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Zac's favorites have been the plasma car and 12V 4-wheeler that Santa brought. He has also not let his Woody doll get too far out of site. DH is still in the process of putting together the trampoline so we'll see how that goes. I think my older son will be getting most of the fun out of that right now though.