Got terrible news today...T&P needed for a friend

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Got terrible news today...T&P needed for a friend

Today we got awful news, friends of ours son died in a car crash last night while driving home from work, it looks like he fell asleep at the wheel and he died on impact. He was 19 years old and has a 4 month old daughter. It's so weird it just doesn't seem real. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.

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so so sorry to hear this...

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That is so awful! I'm so sorry! I'll pray for strenth and comfort for his family during this difficult time.


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Oh my goodness, how awful. Sad

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I;m so sorry :bighug: T&P

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Oh Tanya, I'm so sorry!

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I am so sorry too, how tragic! Sad T&P to his family and to you guys as well!

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How absolutely horrible. They are in my thoughts.

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Really sorry to hear that and will be praying for everyone involved Sad

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So, so sorry to hear this. T&P.