Grandbaby pics~

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Grandbaby pics~

Someone asked me a bit ago for some Arya pics so thought I'd share!

The kids recently built a chicken coop and got some chickens

Such a happy baby!

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Such a cutie!! I love the ones of her in the duckie bathtub! You will definitely have to share more often, it was really fun to see those Smile

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Look at that hair! LOVE them!

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Very cute! She does look like a happy baby!

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OMgosh, she's adorable! I love the ducky tub too - Aasha saw it and said that she wants to get one and put her baby brother in it.

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So is adorable! Love the ducky tub! Love the swaddle pic too! I always had to lay a burp rag under Lauren's head too b/c she spit up so much!

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Aw! She is darling! I just love all her hair! Smile

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LOVE! These are great TFS. Smile

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She's so cute!!!

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She is so cute. I love it when you share her pictures. What does Z think about her?

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What a cutie!

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Thanks guys! She is such a cutie! Zayden is much better with her now! He loves his baby Arya!

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Aw, so cute!