Guilty as Charged. . .

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Guilty as Charged. . .

ROFL sorry had to share this survey. I am actually surpirsed its this low!

Digital Life - One in 5 toddlers have used smartphones: survey

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I'm surprised it's that low too -- however, I'm happy to see that! I've been thinking Miles is going to be really behind in this when he gets to Kindergarten. I'm sure they'll be doing lots of learning activities on iPads, etc. at that age and he (right now) has NO IDEA how to work any of that stuff because we don't have any of those fun toys. A laptop is as good as we get...LOL!!

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it's a good thing that they can run the phones and it should be higher percentage, since people don't have home phones very often. In our little home town we just had a 3 year old save his mom by calling 911 on her smart phone. The mom was diabetic and passed out.

Lyla can use my iphone, but doesn't know how to call on it.