Happy Birthday Aasha!

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Happy Birthday Aasha!

Happy Birthday sweetie!
Hope you guys have a great day!

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Happy Birthday! I hope your day is super!!

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Happy Birthday Aasha, have a great day!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AASHA! I hope you're having so much fun and know how very loved you are! Yahoo

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:party: :party:

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happy birthday aasha !!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Aasha!!!

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Happy Birthday!!! You're 3 oh my!!! Smile

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Happy, Happy Birthday Aasha! I hope you have a super fabulous day Lil Beauty!

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Happy Birthday Aasha!!!

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Happy Birthday Aasha!!

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Hope you had an AWESOME birthday Aasha!!!

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Happy Birthday, Aasha! And what was that forever long nickname that you put on facebook??? Lol


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Happy Birthday, Aasha! Hope you had a spectacular day!!

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Thanks everyone! We had her party on Sunday and it was a lot of fun. The weather was fabulous, so the kids just played in the backyard on our play structure. We brought them in to the do the book exchange and then cake.

In spite of the "no gifts" request for the party, she still got gifts from various people - close friends and family. So, she's been opening a couple gifts per day since Sunday. DH's cousin (from Texas) mailed us a giant dollhouse. DH assembled it yesterday. It's gorgeous, and I am soooo not a dollhouse kind of gal. My brother and his wife made a super cute "happy bday" video for her and posted it on FB. All in all, a lot of fun.

She had her 3 year pedi visit today. It went fine. She's still super tiny in terms of weight, but she did gain 3 pounds since her 18 month visit, so yay (lol, I know). She's a whopping 23 pounds. Her height increase was better, though she's still small of course. I think she's a little shy of 35".

Carrie: that was a string of made-up names, in my language. I call her all those things and sometimes sing her a song that I made up when she was just a few weeks old that includes them. They are things like sweetie pie, honey bunny, etc.

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Happy Birthday Aasha!:bigarmhug:

I loved reading about her day and that "made up" name is priceless! Wink

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It sounds like she has been having a great few days for her birthday!! Glad the weather was nice for the big party!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY AASHA :party::party::party: