Happy Birthday Alyssa

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Happy Birthday Alyssa

Happy Birthday!!! What are you plans?

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Happy, Happy Birthday!! Biggrin

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Happy birthday, Alyssa!!

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Happy Birthday Alyssa, hope you have a fun day!! :icecream:

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Happy Birthday!!!

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Look at you, already 3 years old! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA!!!

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Happy Birthday, Alyssa!!!

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Happy Birthday!!!

Hope you have a great day!!!!

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happy birthday sweetie

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:icecream:Happy Birthday! I hope you had a wonderful day turning 3!!:cake:

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALYSSA :party::party::party::party:

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Happy Birthday Alyssa!!!

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Happy Birthday!! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

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Thanks everyone! She had a great day I think! We brought cupcakes to daycare and took her to eat that night w/ the grandparents. We had her party last sat, I'll try to get her pics loaded soon!
She told Jason right away in the morning after he told her Happy birthday that she is going to be 4 next! Slow down baby girl!

Her 3 year well check was yesterday. She was just under 36" (10th%) and 32.5lbs (60th% I think it was).

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Happy Belated birthday! glad you guys enjoyed her day!