Happy Birthday Kristen!!! (kris10gal)

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Happy Birthday Kristen!!! (kris10gal)

Happy Birthday Kristen!!

Hope you have a great day!!!!

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Happy Birthday!

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Happy Birthday!!!!

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Happy Birthday, Kristen! Hope you have a great day!

(was it hard, as a kid, to have a birthday so close to Christmas?)

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Any big plans?

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Thanks girls! No plans Smile

Shelly, it wasn't so bad. And in college it was great because everyone would be home for the holidays and we would all go out together!

No plans today. DH is at work. I did a little shopping this morning and got myself an egg nog latte. Going to do a little more shopping right now and pick up Jackson from preschool. Tonight Janet said we'll either get take-out or go to a small hamburger joint.

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Happy Birthday!