Happy Birthday, Matthew!

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Happy Birthday, Matthew!

Hi big boy! Hope you have a wonderful birthday! Nov 15th is an awesome birth date (according to Aasha Blum 3 )

Kelly/luv2bmom: please drop by and let us know how you all have been, esp Matthew and Marcella!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

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happy birthday matthew !!!!!!!!!

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Happy Birthday Mathew!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!! I hope it's a wonderful 3rd birthday. Smile

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Happy Birthday Matthew! I hope you are enjoying your day!!

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Happy, Happy Birthday Matthew! I hope you have a wonderful day!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!!

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Happy Birthday Matthew!

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Happy Birthday Matthew...I'm totally late!!!


Hope you had a great one!

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I'm a little late, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I hope you had a fun-filled day!

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Happy Birthday, Matthew! Hope you had a wonderful day!!

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Hey everyone! sorry, I would have posted earlier but the board was giving birth! LOL

We had a great day yesterday. I have pictures I need to share, but we spent yesterday together as a family. We thought about doing a birthday "party" and inviting everyone we knew and opted to spend the money on new toys instead since we don't really know a lot of people with kids in Matthew's age group. It turned out great. We went to a place called Pump It Up and had it all to ourselves. My DH and I took turns playing with Matthew for over an hour and he was totally worn out by the time we left. We then went by Sonic and got slushies. I baked homemade muffin sized cheesecakes with cherry topping and Matthew loved them. Considering my dh's work schedule lately I think I enjoyed the family time more than anything. We ended the day with Matthew and Marcella taking their first bath together and they both loved it. He likes to act like a clown and Marcella loves to laugh at him...so he considers her his own personal fan club. LOL One of our best days ever. Dirol

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BTW...Matthew will have his 3 year appt the same day as Marcella's 9 month on 12/5. But, his recent weight from a follow up with his ENT a couple of weeks ago was 43lbs. His height is just shy of 40" or 3' 4" and his head circumference is 21". He is still my big boy. Biggrin

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Sounds like you guys had an amazing day, so glad you had fun, there really is nothing better than a family day!!

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I'm late posting on here but caught you on Facebook Smile

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MATTHEW :party::party::party: