He's up half the night

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He's up half the night

This is more of a vent, but Jack is really driving me nuts at night! He goes to bed around 7:45, plays awhile in bed and usually falls asleep pretty good but a few hours later he's up crying, whining, complaint about how his nose needs blowing (which it doesn't, it's always clear and dry) or he wants to eat, it's always something. It's awfully hard because now I'm up with Niki for feedings and it seems like Jack is up and crying more often then the newborn. We had him looked at when we took Niki in for his check-up and everything looked fine, the pedi suggested no TV before bed and I've been only allwing TV in the afternoon now but nothing has changed. He does still nap some days, but he needs them now especially since he's up half the night.

Any one else dealing with a grumpy night owl?

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Oh no, how frustrating! I wonder if some of it might be his way of reacting to the new baby? Jude goes in spurts, but I do remember him not sleeping very well for the first month Cohen was home. It's so frustrating because you're SO exhausted, and it feels like once you get one under control, the other one needs your attention.

We found an "alarm clock" with a bunny that you set to wake up at a certain time. Our bunny wakes up at 7:35, so if Jude gets out of bed before then he gets a spanking. That includes if we put him in bed at night and he gets out of bed for any one of his millions excuses. We made a big deal out of him getting to put a sticker on his sticker chart when he stayed in bed until the bunny rabbit woke up. He still needs reminding sometimes, but overall that's helped.

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Oh, wow, that would be so hard, ESPECIALLY with the new baby. Did it start before Niki was born or after? Sophia very rarely gets up at night (like once in a blue moon) so I am pretty understanding when she does, but if it happened very often I think I would get pretty firm about her staying in bed. I'm kinda liking Jen's idea.

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that stinks. Sad I'm curious if it's a bit of regression to the new baby too. Is he getting some one on one time with you? Maybe a trip between feedings to a indoor play area to wear him out? I think it's hard to get a kid to behave when they don't have an outlet for their energy.

I would have a consequence for getting up too. Although, not spanking. I don't really feel like that is a spankable offence. But I would get stern with him, and maybe take away toys/ privilages. And stay very consisitant with bedtime routines. How long is it between dinner and bed? if it's more than an hour, maybe offer a snack before brushing his teeth, but after he is in jammies. Something with a carb and a protein like a piece of toast with peanut butter and a little milk.

Good luck! I hope you all get more rest soon! Smile

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Thanks ladies, I like the clock idea, I saw one in a catalog the other day and I may have to try it. I'm lucky that he doesn't actually get out of bed, he stays in there but just cries and yells, sometimes he'll stop after awhile but most of the time it escalates into a full blown screaming. I do think it's all the changes, in six months he's gotten a new bed, changed rooms and now a new brother. I took away his Vtech game that he likes to bring to bed and I told him no more games in bed and he has to play with them during the day only, I think that also keeps him awake because he'll wake up and play with it.

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I hopped on to lurk just now and saw this. Deacon is the same way. I think its having a new baby around. He use to go to bed so easily and stay asleep until late in the morning. Now he fights going to bed now and usually starts screaming one of our names in the middle of the night.

The night before last Kara only slept from 1a-5a and then was awake from about 5-6:30a. The second I dozed off Deacon starts screaming 'mommy, mommy, mommy'. I jumped up and ran to him and was saying "be quiet, be quiet". He didn't want anything, just wanted to have me come to his room. UGH. I took him to Jus to sleep more and he fell right to sleep but by then Kara was crying because he woke her up. This happens a lot around here and I'm exhausted! I really think he is mainly jealous of me "sleeping with her" and not him, even though - trust me - I'm not sleeping!

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I bet he is just trying to get some extra attention. Lyla did the same thing, and we fell for it. It went on for the longest time, and was so exhausting. She would tell us her teeth were hungry, etc. Since she is not a good eater, we would get her something to eat. We eventually got firm with her, and didn't fall for it. She now knows and will say it for us, if she tell us she is hungry. We always try to keep it positive and tell her she will have a good breakfast in the morning.

Try to get little bits of one on one time when possible. Also, I know it is really hard when you have a newborn, keep his sleep times the same. If he stays up half the night, wake him up in the morning.

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I have no advice, but just wanted to say that I hope it gets better.

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Well he slept a little better last night and I took away the Vtech, he woke up once but went back to sleep right away. He's up right now at 6:30 but I told him it's too early to get up (I need my coffee first lol) I think a clock would really come in handy especially in the morning. I think he does need more time with me, so I'm gonna try to make sure we spend some extra time together at some point during the day.

Jenn that sucks that your going through the same with Deacon too, it does get frustrating when the baby finally goes to sleep and the other one starts up!

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That is so hard! Miles often wakes up in the night as well. He walks into our room, and tries to climb into bed with us. Our bed is barely big enough for the 2 of us, and Vivi is still in the bassinet in our room, so there's just NO WAY he's sleeping with us! None of us would get any sleep. So I walk him back to his room, cover him up, tell him it's still nighttime, and lay with him for about a minute. Most of the time he will go right back to sleep, but sometimes comes back and asks for some milk.

I hope you figure something out soon!

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Ugh, that would be SO frustrating anytime, but especially with a newborn! Being firm and consistent is what's helped us. Think Supernanny. Smile Except that I give in when Noah comes into my bed in the morning, no matter what time (like today, he came in WIDE AWAKE at 4:30 and I let him stay, even though I had to get up at 5:30 to get ready for work--we chatted until then :)). I hope you find a solution that works!