Holiday Gifts for Teachers

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Holiday Gifts for Teachers

For those of you with LOs in daycare or preschool, what do you do for holiday gifts for the teacher? I usually do a card and gift card but am wavering on the amount. I do not have time (or the talent) for homemade gifts. Their last day before the holidays is Friday but Z's last day is Wednesday as we are going out of town this week for DD's graduation.

Just looking for ideas?

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I found these cute Christmas oven mitts at TJ Maxx that have a cookie or brownie mix inside them. I think they were $10 each, so I bought 5. I will put a $15 gift card with each one for the teachers. A $15 gift card alone sounds really chincy (sp?) to me but with another little gift it seems a little better? Sophia has 2 teachers and Layla has 3, so it gets expensive!

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I found fun cookies at Costco, which will go into a gift bag along with some chocolate and a gift card to a restaurant. Josh has 2 teachers, but sometimes the director fills in when one of them is out sick. Not sure if I should get her something or not?

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I usually get a family gift for Noah's daycare provider. He's at an in-home daycare and we're all good friends, so I just go cheap and get a family gift. Smile But that ends next week. Not sure what I'll do next year when he's been in preschool the whole year. Probably something cheap, like what we do for the dog groomer and our hair stylists. This year we did a box of peppermint bark and a $15 gift card to Starbucks for each.

Dani, I don't think I would get the director anything, just because she's not directly involved with Josh, you know?

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and what do you get for a teacher you don't like, lol? I'm not a big fan of Lyla's teacher. Before Lyla started school I saw a groupon for, and bought a really cute apron she could wear while doing crafts with the kids. She doesn't really do much of anything for crafts with them. I'm thinking of keeping the apron for myself. I guess I'm a grinch.

The teacher's aide's (Lyla loves her, and imho she is better than the teacher) is quiting, and her last day is Friday, so that will be the day of their class Christmas party. I need to figure out what I am doing for both of them. I should do something for her gymnastic teachers too, she just adores one of them.

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Jackson's teacher is great, I'm got her a $25 coffee gift card and am putting it in the 'Thans a latte," printout from eighteen25

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I'm crafty LOL :neener: so I'm making her two hats, Angry bird hats for her two kids LOL She loved Claires. I told her I'd make her one if she liked. She asked if it mattered if it was for her son and I said, no since I want to give her something she likes. But she has two kids so I told her I'd make matching ones Wink

I'd do a $20 coffee card to starbucks or something. And Dani I wouldn't do the director, maybe send in some home backed cookies if you like.

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Last year I made treats for everyone. 12 in all since there are 3 teachers at Joshua's preschool plus an aide, the office manager and director. Then there are 2 OTs plus their office manager, SLP, PT and EI. Now he has a PCA (personal care aide) who comes to the house so it will be 13 this year. I've already made most of them since I have to give most of them out this week, it's his last week of preschool and OT until January. I can't imagine buying gift cards on top of that but then again Joshua has a large team as opposed to just teachers at preschool. They were all very appreciative last year, I don't think they're used to getting gifts. They all give out gifts to the kids though. Last year I asked one of the other moms at preschool about gifts and she said no, she never had (I was looking for suggestions). Anyway, these are the treats .

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I gave his teachers some sugar scrub and body wash from Arbonne. One of his teachers knows I used it and joked that I could get her some for Christmas so I did.

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Last year I did treat bags with assorted higher end chocolates. He just switched to a new school at the beginning of November. Since I don't know his teachers very well yet, I am giving them each a Christmas ornament. I found some really cute snowflake ornaments at Crate and Barrel that I will put a nice ribbon on for a hanger. This is what neighbors and work friends will get as well. Nice to get it all out of the way with one thing!

ETA: the ornaments were cheap, too! $9.95 for 24! Love a great bargain!