How is Preschool going?

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How is Preschool going?

For those of you who have children in is it going these first few days/weeks? Are they loving it? How do they do with drop-off? What's their favorite part about it?

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Zayden's been going two weeks now, we have had some good days, a few REALLY good days, and some not so good days. But it is an ongoing process with Zayden LOL I LOVE his teacher (so far LOL) and she is really willing to work with us. I hope it will be a really good year for him this year. I do cringe every time i get an email though to see if from the school regarding an incident. He did manage to slap a girl because "she didn't answer my question" and I got an email on that. Plus I heard yesterday the mom complained. Sad

Drop offs are great now, we decided to let him take the school bus this year YIKES and so instead of leaving at 6:45 to get to early morning day care at 7:30 ( and driving 20 miles out of my way) we leave at 7:15, get to the bus stop at 7:40, its right on the way to work, and I get to work on time! LOVE LOVE LOVE It. Plus instead of DH driving almost 2 hours a day to get him (45-50 minutes each way with traffic) he picks him up at 4 and its 20 minutes from home. So that eliminated any issue with drop offs for us.

He does love school, most of the time, and is so happy to see his friends again. I like having him back there even though it still causes stress because of how he adapts. We shall see....

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It is going pretty well. Lyla has started to say she doesn't want to go to school, but it's just because she isn't a morning person. Once she is awake and going she is fine. Out of the 2 preschool classes, she is in the one with the younger kids. I wish they would push her a little harder. Instead of having her write her name, the teacher just writes it on there for her. The teacher also writes Lyla's name in all capital letters. If the teacher would just tell her to write her name, Lyla can do it with no help. I'm going to bring this up and parent teacher conferences on Friday. They also haven't done any art work in the class since she started, just workbook pages. I think art is really important and wish they would do more. Those are my only 2 complaints this year, so we are doing so much better than last year.