I'm Learning French!

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I'm Learning French!

This is probably totally not worthy of it's own thread Wink but I got Rosetta Stone French! I started it last night and Sophia did some of it with me. I love it! I remembered a lot of the words/phrases this morning, too, just need to keep it up. It helps to have a fluent french speaker sitting right there who I can ask questions to Blum 3

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Awesome! I want to take a refresher class at some point for French and Spanish. I'll be interested to see how this program works for you. It would be much easier to do it on my own time, than to go to a class.

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Yahoo!! Enjoy! You'll have to tell me how you like that program. There is an online one at our library I will sign up for when I have more time.

I gotta learn French so I can keep up with Z as he gets older and is talking with his classmates! Need to know what they are plotting!

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tres bonne nouvelles .... c'est super !!!

moije voudrais apprendre l'Esagnol Wink

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I have it too. I hope to start using it once Addi goes to preschool again next month. I need quiet because it listens to your pronunciation and it is hard when I say La Femme and Addi yells CLAIRE in the background, lol. Claire starts French immersion next sept. its 80% French 20% English (full day grade one) so I want to be able to speak to her and help her. I think its great that your learning it!

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dh really wants the Rosette Stone Spanish, but is too cheap to buy it. Let me know how you end up doing, and maybe I will get it for him for his birthday.

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Wow! That's neat! (I don't know how you find the time!?!)

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Very cool Carrie! That is awesome. I would love to have a reason and a helper to learn another language. You will be so happy you did with the girls Smile

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How cool! And so great that you have DH to help you along the way! Smile