Kristen...and anyone else!

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Kristen...and anyone else!

Kristen I have got a (sort of) photography question.

We have Lauren's 1 yr photo shoot with our photographer next friday. She has been taking our pics (mostly Lauren's) for the last year (I bought a baby package). I'd love to get her a little gift for being so kind to us over the last year so I was curious, as a photographer, what would you like to receive for a gift?

I thought about a cute prop/outfit I'd seen that I'd love to use for Lauren but I know I'd never use again.
Also I know she's a wine drinker. But I'm no expert on it so I wouldn't know what kind to get, or should I put something else with it?

Anyone else have any other ideas of a good gift??

TIA ladies!

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That is super sweet of you! If I was buying a gift for the photographer, I'd stick to a giftcard to Starbucks. Although, I don't know my photographer well at all. He a is super quiet, shy guy who I probably annoy. Dispite the fact, I know nothing about him, he know everything about me, because I feel the need to fill silence. Wink

I'm sure Kristen will weigh in better.

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You are so cute Amy! I love your photographs of Lauren from your photographer. Is is SO good.

I think the prop is a great idea, and a super plus if it's something you would want to use for Lauren, and then just let her keep it. Starbucks is always good too, sometimes I zonk out when trying to edit. And wine, anything is awesome! I would just try to see if she drinks red or whites.

Ack, I'm not really that much help because I love all of your ideas. What are you going to do/is she going to wear for her one year portraits? I am SO excited for Colby's!

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Thanks for the help girls! We in a small town so the nearest Starbucks is about an hour away! But we have a local coffee shop that I could maybe get a GC to. She does put photos up there as advertisement so I know she goes there. So I think I'll do that with a bottle of wine.
I might check out that outfit/prop I was thinking about again and see if I really want to use it. It was zebra print bloomers with pink ruffles on the butt! So cute but wonder if she is too old for that now?

For outfits- I'm not entirely sure yet. I am getting some shots of both girls too and I have 2 sets of dresses. One is matching and the other is coordinating but I'm not sure which to go with. Then I have a navy and yellow legging and tunic type shirt for Lauren. Our photographer has TONS of props and outfits so I'm sure she'll wear something from there too. She told me that she was getting some balloons as a prop too. There is a picture on Pinterest with a little girl sitting on a chair holding a bundle of balloons that I'd love to do!! But outside around here isn't very pretty right now! But it is supposed to be pretty nice out that day so we'll see.