Layla's Birth Story

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Layla's Birth Story

Finally posted it!

Most of you are friends on facebook, so you've probably already seen these pics Smile

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Oh she's so adorable Carrie!! How scary your BP dropping like that! yikes! Glad everything went pretty smoothly other than that!! Congrats again!

And yes, life with 2 is crazy!! Smile

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Carrie - you crack me up!

You have to know, I have absolutely NO desire to have a baby without an epidural. It's pretty much at the top of the list of things I don't want to experience in my lifetime.

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So cool! Course having your BP drop like that would be terrifying! She is so cute!

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WOW! That is scary. So glad all is well. She is such a beauty!

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She is so pretty Carrie! Sophia looks proud.

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Wow, how scary with the epidural! She's a real beauty! And I love her name, great choice!

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What a beautiful little girl! I am really glad you got the epi- but how scary about the super low bp! I am so glad that all got taken care of quickly! I love all the pictures of Sophia kissing Layla! Yes - lets see some Mommy and baby pics!

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Sorry, I thought I responded to this! She's so beautiful! Sorry about the scare and having to go back in Carrie. I hope you're feeling much better now and enjoying being at home and having Layla! Can't wait for more updates and pictures!