Lyla's Birthday Party Pics

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Lyla's Birthday Party Pics

Lyla's birthday party went really well. I was worried about it being warm enough, but we lucked out and it was 70 degrees and beautiful out. We did an apple/picnic theme at the miniature train depot. She loves riding this train, so it was the perfect place for her party.

Apple cupcakes

She had her own cake, since we were also celebrating Cora's 1st birthday. She loved her Tinkerbell cake.

Pin the apple on the tree (my sister made it). Her favorite drink, cherry limeade.

The train, Cora and Lyla are both in bright pink

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They are Sooooo darling! Great job with everything, love all the details Smile

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She got to start preschool on her actual birthday (Wed). She could care less that it was her birthday, she was so excited for school. She had a good day and would have stayed longer if I let her. We have her staying later, so she will eat a school lunch. The first day was a fail with lunch, since they gave her hot lunch to another kid. She was then served that kids cold lunch. She ate a few raisins, and told me she was so hungry and thirsty on the way home. Hopefully today she will eat something.

Her first day of school picture.

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What a cute party, great job on the cupcakes! Lyla and I could get along over a pitcher a cherry limeade Smile

Can we see pics of Cora and her 1st cake too? Smile

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Jenn - I'll show you my baby's pictures, if you tell us your baby's name, lol.

She was really exhausted by this point, but took it well. She didn't really eat the cake.

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She is adorable! I love how exhausted she looks in the second one...but hanging on to finish out the party.

And you made me LOL with that comment.

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Adorable! I love their apple outfits! The apple cupcakes look amazing! Lyla looks so cute all ready for her first day of school! That's too bad about the lunch! Sad

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You did a wonderful job! I love all of the details. Smile

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Looks like a super fun bithday! Biggrin I agree, the cupcakes and the apple shirts are adorable!! Did you make their shirts too?

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WOW super cute and your girls are so so freaking cute !!!

look like an amazing birthday


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What a cute the cupcakes!!!! Super cute Smile

Your girls are too cute & looks like they had a large time!

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What a fun party! Wow, the cupcakes look aMAZing!!
And that's wonderful that she did so well at school!

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Looks like a great time!! The cupcakes look so good! And their outfits are adorable!

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cupcakes look AMAZING. the girls are adorable. Looks like they had alot of fun. Any good gifts?? I need ideas lol

And I love the outfits. The pic on the deck is sooo cute.

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I didn't make their outfits. I got Cora's at Baby Gap awhile back. I got Lyla's at Target for her party.

Kim - Everyone bought them toys. They didn't get any clothes. My uncle got Lyla a "hot potato" game. Lyla loves it. She also loves her leappad and a Dora game she got for it. She does get a little flustered when things are too hard. It is teaching her patients though. Dh's parents got her a night light that has a light sensor on it. I like that I don't have to remember to turn it on and off.

My favorite gift they got was the savings bonds my parents gave them.

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Looks like so much fun and it looks as if they had a great time.

I CANNOT believe that Cora is almost a year old already, that went way to quick!!!

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Tisha! What an amazing birthday you planned! Those cupcakes look AWESOME! I'm in the planning phases for Sams b-day, and you're putting me to shame!

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So adorable, looks like a great party! Love the cupcakes they look so good and now I want one lol!

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