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Magali --

Those pictures on facebook of Florian dog sledding are amazing! I gotta ask you how it works? Is Florian guiding (or whatever its called) the dogs or does the dog pretty much know where to go? I would get so nervous about Zayden controlling a dog, and who knows where it would end up. Course I don't really even trust Zayden around our cats! LOL

How far was the race he did this weekend? I love the pictures!!!

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Amy sled dog listen by "oice" nothing can guide them they have to "listen" to you so it is lot of work/training

Loly the one dog Florian had for the Championship races is 7yrold and ran many races with us and is a LEAD DOG (the one that listen to left and right command and is in front of the whole team)...

Sled dog run on trails unless train to do in deep snow, our dogs are "race" dogs so stay on groomed (packed) trails

the 1 dog loop is 200 yrd dogs can't get out (no other trails) and there is "poeple" along side the loop if the kid let go the sled

YOU NEED BALANCE and be able to shift your weight to turn.. some kids fall off because of poor balance, Florian ski a lot so balance isn't an issue for him

Florian can't handle a sled dog on leash.. he can do Keops because my dog is 10lb and the kid 36lb !! ROFL

so basically Florian hold on the sled Loly goes around and we catch her to stop her at the end ;
make senses

I will post some pics....