Magali --Dog question

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Magali --Dog question

You have probably answered this before but what do you do with the dogs for the summer? where to they go and what do they do? Do you train them to breed, sell or what?

Seems so interesting!

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Sorry I am getting here late Wink

Our dogs go to Skagway up on the Denver Glacier from May 10th to Sept 2nd
a friend work with them giving dog sled ride from cruise ship customers
here's link to the website

I have 3 old one (14 - 12 and 13) that are staying with a long time friend for the summer
so we only have Keops and now Dingo with us and we can "go" whenever where ever....

for our trip to Grand Canyon country Keops stays with my friend Wendy(breeder also) and Dingo stays with our friends we went Caribou hunting with -- YES LOGISTICS LOGISTICS ROFL