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Magazines for Kids

What magazines (if any) do you subscribe to for your LO? We get High Five (its the Highlights one for younger kids) and Z LOVES it. I loved Highlights when I was a kid so I had to get it. We also get the Hidden Pictures series also from Highlights because he loves to find things.

We get the Zoo magazine as part of our zoo membership. I think we still get another Zoo one from National Geographic that I got a groupon or something for.

I think that's it for now... what other ones does your LO enjoy? Anyone part of a kid book club or anything?

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Nothing yet. She just doesn't have the attention span at this point. If we get a toy catelog - type magazine in the mail she might look at it for 1-2 minutes before it ends up on the floor in shreds. I just can't see spending the money until she would actually spend a few minutes looking at it. Maybe when she's closer to 5 and I replace nap time with quiet time/reading time. I loved Highlights when I was younger too!

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I too loved Highlights as a kid, so I just subscribed to High Five for Noah, but we haven't gotten the first one yet. And we buy books for ourselves and Noah all.the.time. I usually get them in the dollar spot at Target or at the local half-price book store (on clearance).

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Ooh, I think I need to order High Five! Jackson loves his 'maps' (toy catalogues that always seem to come with a new toy to try to get you to buy more Smile ) and he carries them around constantly. The boys and Janet walk to check the mailbox every day, which is down the street. It would be fun for him to get something once a month! Thanks for rememinding me, he would love this!

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Zayden LOVES High Five --I highly recommend it! And the stories are short --most just a page or two. He really likes the hidden picture ones, which is why I got him a subscript to the Hidden Picture club -- and has gotten quite good at it.

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Ireland love National Geographic for Kids, but I guess that's for a little bit older kids.