Man what a day we had on Saturday-OT

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Man what a day we had on Saturday-OT

On Saturday we headed out for my freind's little boy's first birthday party, well my DH says he has a general idea where they live,they just moved there and we've never been there. To make a long story short,we got lost for over an hour, I had to pee and was getting quite irritated with DH who kept going down streets that were way off the main road we were supposed to stay on.

We call my friend and get directions from where we pulled over, when suddenly we hear a noise from jack and I see projectile vomit flying all over the back seat, all over him and the floor. I had to pee so bad that in the process of trying the strip Jack and helping Sean find a towel in the trunk and laughing I peed my pants. So now there we are with puke everywhere, all over us now and I also have wet shorts, it was literally the worst car trip I can remember lol, so needless to say we had to go home and take showers and take the carseat out and clean that. We never made it to the party, I felt bad! But come to find out their little one had a 103 temp and the next day they were all really sick so maybe it's a good thing we didn't go after all!

Just wanted to share my lovely Saturday experience with you's!

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Oh my gosh Tanya - that's horrible. I can't even imagine being in your position - any time I have to pee I have to go right then, so I can easily see that happening.

How is Jack feeling now?

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Oh no you poor thing, what a lousy afternoon! I hope Jack is feeling better!

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WOW =--okay that is a definite day to turn around and go back to bed!

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I guess it is a good thing you didn't make it to the party! Yikes. You should pack a change of clothes for yourself next time, and buy a GPS! Lol

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Lol I told DH we definitely should get a GPS, we were probably like 10 minutes away from their house the whole time and just riding down the wrong streets. Now that I think about it it's pretty funny, it was one time that I really wish I could've had a rum and coke!

Jack was feeling great after he got sick and wanted to play outside when we got home, I think he was carsick. He did get sick a while back after a long ride but it was after we got home. I think I will pack a change of clothes for everyone lol, you never know what kind of mess you'll find yourself in!

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"AshnBill" wrote:

I guess it is a good thing you didn't make it to the party! Yikes. You should pack a change of clothes for yourself next time, and buy a GPS! Lol

I was thinking the same thing.. might have been worse if he did that all over the BD boy, since he got sick the next day they would have probably blamed it on you Wink

hope Jack is feeling better.

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Oh my gosh, that was quite a car ride you had!!! :eek:

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Oh, yikes Tanya! But it is pretty funny and that's awesome you guys can laugh about it. Biggrin

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OMg! What a trip!

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Ugh, that sounds like it was horrible. Glad to hear that Jack was ok afterwards.

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What a trip! Glad you didn't get sick after the party after a car ride like that!