Mommy Brag!

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Mommy Brag!

AWWW, I am going to cry! Smile

Proud mommy moment! Check out the email I just got from the headmaster at Zayden?s school. And this is on a day that I was SURE Zayden was going to have issues because he was tired and cranky today! He?s been doing really good and really enjoying school .

-----Original Message-----
From: headmaster
Sent: Thu, Nov 1, 2012 11:12 am
Subject: Zayden

Every week, I make short visits to a few classrooms to observe the students work and progress. Today, I visited your child' class, PK2 grade, and I wish to congratulate Zayden for his excellent attitude.
The students were working on various workshops that involved a lot of attention and good motor skills.
According to his teacher C?cile, Zayden has really improved, thanks also to your collaboration, and he is now benefiting fully from the program. He makes good progress in language!
Congratulations to Zayden for his good work!

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Oh Amy, that's so fabulous! I'm thrilled for you and esp Zayden. I'd be proud, too. You've done so much to help him along. Keep up the good work, Zayden!

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Yay! That's fabulous news!!! After such a trying time, it is awesome to hear Z's doing so well! Congrats on a job well done!

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Awesome!!!! That was very sweet of her to take the time to send you an eMail!