Mommy what is heaven and other questions.

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Mommy what is heaven and other questions.

I know not all of us are religious but I have a question for those who are, how do you answer these questions for a three year old? Any good resources?

Zayden has recently become obsessed with his Action Bible Toons DVD again (see other post) but unlike last time, he is starting to ask lots of questions to which I really don't know how to answer.

What is heaven, where is it, who is God, where does he live....why?

I have come up with some answers but really am totally lost on how to explain these concepts to a three year old --but he KEEPS asking!

We started last week going to a new church -- I have been very lax about taking Z to church as we knew we were moving and the parish we were in didn't really have a good kids program. Our new church is great, Zayden is doing sorta Sunday School while I am in church --they mostly watch Veggie Tales -- LOL

I haven't had to deal with this before and so when he asks these questions i have no clue?

Any ideas or resources?

DH by the way is no help as he is not religious at all. I am posting this also on the Catholic board but it is pretty much completely dead.

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Wow, those are some big questions! Jude goes to a pre-school at our church, so I think he gets a good portion of his questions answered there, but he does sometime ask us things.

When he asks where heaven is, we tell him that's God's home. We tell him we don't really know where it is physically, but that's where people who love Jesus go and they get to spend forever and ever with Him. We haven't had anyone in our family pass away lately, so I try to avoid addressing people dying.

We tell Jude that Jesus is God's son, and He's sitting right next to God in heaven, just like Jude likes to sit right next to Shawn.

I think we've told Jude that God is our Creator and our Heavenly Father. We've told him that God loves us so much more than we could imagine, and His love for us is perfect - even more perfect than Mommy's and Daddy's love. We talk a lot about how God created Jude - that He created Jude's voice for singing, He created Jude's feet for jumping, He knows every single hair on Jude's head and created Him with purpose and intention.

I also try to talk a lot about how God loves Jude whether he's obedient or disobedient...that God wants us to be obedient, but His love doesn't change based on how "good" or "bad" we are. Jude's a sensitive little heart, so I really want him to understand that he can't do anything good enough to earn or anything bad enough to lose God's love.

I don't know...I know that's all kinds of random stuff, but Jude's questions on the topic are pretty random right now! (: Shawn's been a great resource in what to tell Jude when he asks specific questions, so if you're wondering about a specific issue I can see what Shawn would say if Jude asked it!

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We haven't had any questions yet. We rarely go to church, and when we do, it is while visiting dh's family. Lyla goes to a Christian school, and I have heard her saying prayers, singing songs, etc. I guess I will just answer the questions as they come, with what I was taught growing up. My family always went to church and my sister married the preacher's son. Dh and I are not very religious.

Good luck answering your questions. This really got me thinking.

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Jen and Shawn have some good answers! (don't mind me stealing them Biggrin )

We go to church pretty regularly (I would say 75%) but I want it to get better. I want Sophia and Layla to know Sunday is church day basically no matter what, the way I did growing up, and I have not been that consistant about it. I talk a lot about God making everything and ask her "do you know who made that sky so pretty?" and things like that, but she does not ask many questions about it yet. We pray every night and her prayers are hilarious. Sometimes she says "I don't want to pray tonight mommy" and I don't make her but I talk to her about how it probably makes God sad when she doesn't want to talk to him.

I just re-read your post and this totally does not answer any of your questions. LOL So basically, I am useless. Wink

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We dealt with this a little over the summer last year. Our friends dog got very sick and died. We walked by their house every evening and Josh played with Hershey every night. We told him that Hershey died and went to Heaven, then Josh said he wanted to go there and bring her back. We told him that when you go to Heaven, you can't come back. He was upset about that for a little while, but stopped asking for her after awhile. He will occasionally say something like... "all the way up to Heaven, all the way up to Hershey" when he is playing with his airplanes.

A month or so ago, DH had to go a work retreat in Hershey, PA (about 20 minutes from us) and Josh got confused and very upset and started crying because he was afraid his daddy was not going to come back home. We had quite a time settling him down, promising that daddy was not going to Heaven and would be home the next day.