My latest project

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My latest project

I have just completed my second of these "American Girl" beds. I have the intention of selling them, but I have a safety net of two daughters who are more than willing to take them off my hands. LOL.

Let me know what you think.

The beds are made of pine and finished in red mahogany. Then I created a mattress, two throw pillows and a reversible comforter and bed pillow.

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Those are adorable!!! I can't even tell you how badly I wanted one of those dolls when I was little. I never had Barbies, but man I wanted Samantha! Of course that is back when there were only 3 girls!

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Those are cute!!!

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Those are adorable! Where will you be selling them?

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Very cute, love it!

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wow you are talented. I'm sure you will not only sell them but get more orders then you know what to do with.

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Very cool, I'm sure they will be super easy to sell!

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Those are to to cute Smile GREAT job!

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Wow - those are beautiful! I'm sure many little girls would love those - I know Claire would!

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Thanks ladies. I'm trying to sell them first on craigslist. I'd love to not have to deal with shipping costs. We'll see how it goes.

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I love them! Tiff had two American Girl dolls when she was little and her grandpa had a chest and bed made for her. She would tuck them in every night before bed! LOL I am sure you will easily find some little girls who would love to buy those!

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wow very very nice

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Those doll beds are fabulous! I always wanted an American Girl doll when I was younger. My mom always said she would buy me a doll and her whole set if she won the lottery, but she never bought a ticket, so I never got the Samantha set.

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Those are adorable! Great job!