Not ideal, but...

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Not ideal, but...

This morning Miles was brushing his teeth for about 10 minutes. He kept asking me for "more toofpaste please" but after 3 times I said that's probably enough. I was beginning to wonder if the amount of toothpaste he'd eaten could be counted as one of his fruit servings for today. You all know his eating issues...

Then I got this "great" idea!

I opened up a package of toothbrushes from the cupboard and told him to bring the toothbrush into the kitchen. I gave him a container of yogurt, sat him in his booster seat, and let him go to town. He ate almost the whole thing, using the toothbrush as his spoon. He thought it was the coolest!

Probably not the best idea, but he actually ate the yogurt, and that's something he hasn't been eating lately.

Then, since he was eating so well, I made him a piece of flower toast, and he ate almost the whole thing (he's a eat-around-the-edges type of boy), asked for more flower cookie, so I made him another one and he ate a few more bites. He hasn't been eating toast lately either - I don't even remember the last time he ate it. He is just not somebody who likes to eat. He NEVER asks for more - so the fact that he actually asked for more makes me so happy!

Seriously, the toothbrush is going to be the new spoon around here! We'll work on proper toothbrushing habits later. Wink

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what ever works !!!!! this is what I use for POLICY here ROFL

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Too funny! Whatever works is RIGHT! Smile

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I totally echo what Magali and Dawn say - that's awesome. I fully believe some of the best parts of parenting are when you find those little tricks for your child that "work" and you get them to do what you want. Its like he thinks its a fun game but you know you just got him to eat more than he would every usually eat.

Great thinking Ashley!

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haha! that's great! good thinkin momma!

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ROFL Too funny! Whatever works though!

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You gotta do what you gotta do!

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I think that's awesome! Way to be resourceful! I have a feeling Sophia would think it was the coolest thing EVER to eat with a toothbrush...she's obsessed with brushing her teeth Smile

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Really good ideas Ashley! I hope it keeps working.

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ROFL!!! Good thinking! Doesn't it feel great when you can outsmart the two year old? Doesn't happen too much around here though! Zayden is a horrible eater too. Hes not so great with toothbrushing though, otherwise I would try that!

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LOL that's awesome! Hey whatever works!