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Anyone else? Zayden has been driving us NUTS the last two months or so with obsessions --pretty much regarding tv shows. At first, he fell in love with a new show on Disney the Octonauts and had to watch that and only that. Unfortunately, that was the first week he show was on so we only had one or two episodes taped so he watched them over, and over, and over.. ...

Then it was Mike the Knight --same thing. That lasted about a week.

Zayden has had a DVD he has had for a long time --Action Bible Toons -- that he has always loved. He stopped watching it awhile ago (he calls it the Orange DVD) but then about three weeks ago found it and insisted on watching it. It is the only thing he will watch and he has to watch it over and over. Yesterday after watching it over 6 times we called enough and wouldn't let him watch it again. We have the CD in the car, again that is all he wants to hear. I even had to go on amazon and find another copy as the DVD and CD are starting to get scratched. (While I hope this current obsession ends soon, this has been one of his favorite DVDs since he was a toddler so I can't take a chance we lose it)

Any one else having issues with obsessions? Its driving me NUTS!

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Oh yes definitely. We've been on a Bubble Guppies obsession for quite a while now. We record at least 6 different shows for Sophia, not to mention all the different movies she has, but all the child wants to ever watch is Bubble Guppies. And specifically now, it's the Fairy Tale Bubble Guppies that first aired about 2 or 3 weeks ago. She has seen that one about 20 times so far and DH has started telling her that she can't watch it anymore or he's going to delete all of her other shows (it especially drives him crazy that she wants to watch the same thing over and over).

In the car we have a CD of kids music songs from the music program at her school that we listen to every day, day in and day out. I sing them all day long in my head, and sometimes even in my dreams. Before that we had a Veggie Tales CD that we got in a Chic-Fil-A kids meal that she was obsessed with for about 4 months, thank goodness I finally got her off of that because I was about to lose my mind every time it played. Also she insists on music being played really loud in the car and at what I would consider a normal level she will keep saying "mommy I can't hear it!" I think she got that one from daddy, he loves loud music.

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I've been dealing with this with Gabby for a long time.

She has been obsessed for over a year with:

The Fresh Beat Band and Toy Story 1,2 and 3
Monsters, Inc.

The Newest in the past 2 months is:
Despicable Me (she knows it word for word)

She loves Selena Gomez

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Miles doesn't have any tv obsessions. We only have a few channels (the basic ones that every tv has) so we don't watch too much tv.

He does have some obsessions. I do think he has a little bit of OCD going on - I have it, too, so I'm sure I'm to blame, but if I move something in his room, pack away a toy, change things around, etc. he notices and has a FIT! I'm having a hard time getting rid of toys because of this. I recently rearranged our livingroom, and the next morning he woke up and was crying about it. So much that I moved the livingroom back to how it was (good thing I didn't care for the new arrangement anyways, LOL).

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Jack has a few obsessions, one is a helicopter video, he wants to watch it over and over. I finally told him the video needed to rest lol, the other obsession is with fans, or anything that looks like a fan and he'll watch YouTube videos of fans on DH's phone.

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Jude's had phases of obsessions for a little bit now, too. He gets obsessed with one book - it changes every couple of weeks - pretty often, and he's currently all about Team Umizoomi.

I've also noticed that he picks up on little things and sometimes seems to do them almost compulsively. Like sometimes when we're playing I do a fake snore and pretend to be asleep. He's started doing the breathing out part of it just when he's sitting or hanging out. It almost sounds like he has a touch of asthma or something. I asked him one time why he does it, and he said it helps him to not be sleepy. Anyway, there have been a couple of things like that that he's picked up on and will do seemingly obsessively for awhile.

Ashley, Jude's never gotten upset at a chance in room layout, but he does get bothered by little changes. I bought regular hummus instead of red pepper hummus yesterday, and you would've thought the world was going to crash in. There might be something deeper there, but I guess I've always figured that at 3 years old they want so badly to have some kind of control of the world around them, and are really just realizing how little they have control over. When the "big" things in their world suddenly go changing on them, it can be tough.

At least that's what I tell myself to stay calm through the epic hummus tantrum of '12! (:

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Ava is obsessed with the Disney Princesses. My SIL gave her a set of little figurines for Christmas. Ever since, the obsession is strong, without ever seening a Disney movie. She got a Snow White dress for her Birthday, so now when we're home she is dressed up in that (with my 4 in heels on). Those princesses are EVERYWHERE so wherever we are, she will spot them and ask to stop and look. It is actually working to my advantage in some places. Ava is a picky eater, but she'll try new things if I put them on her princess plate. Campbells also makes a princess soup. And, she'll eat that as well. Not the most healthy thing, but at least it's something.

She has now seen a few of the movies too. I think it's cute that she loves them so much. As long as she doesn't start wanting Princess shirts and Princess bedding- I'm not a big fan of logo clothing.