OT: 38 wk appt - he turned breech :( Update at #10

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OT: 38 wk appt - he turned breech :( Update at #10

Argh, just got back from my appointment. The stinker turned and is now breech. I went in for my NST. When the nurse hooked me up, we couldn't find his heartbeat on the usual side, and found it completely elsewhere. Both she and I were like, oh no, he better not be breech. So, I do the NST for a while, my OB comes in and says it looked good. Then, we settled on an induction date, 4/21, and I was pretty excited, since that's only 1 day before the EDD and my OB will be there that day. Then, though, because of what happened with the NST hookup, my OB wanted to do an u/s to see his position. He was breech, so she gave me some exercises to do and asked me to come back on Fri. If he's still breech, she'll schedule a C-section for next week. She said that if, on the day of the C-section, he's flipped, they would induce immediately instead of doing the C. Ugh ugh ugh. I really don't want the C-section if possible, so please send this LO some "flip into position asap" vibes, please Smile

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Oh no! sending tons of "flip over" vibes!

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Oh, no! Little stinker indeed! Flip back little, baby! I think there is a website called spinning babies (or something similar) it gives tips for getting the baby to flip too. might be worth a look? If not, I had two c/s and they're not so bad, if it comes to that.

Either way the 21st sounds like a great day for a Birthday! How exciting to have an exact date to look forward to. Smile

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Oh no! Flip baby flip! Either way he will be here soon!!! Smile Good luck. How are you feeling?

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Oh no! The second baby is so much easier to deliver than the first. Crossing my fingers for you.

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Aw, man!! Praying those exercises work! Maybe Aasha needs to talk to him Wink

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Flip baby flip!!!

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oh no! flip over baby!

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Oh my! What a stinker! And...wow, next week?! ACK!!

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Got back from my appt - he's still breech, bleh. C-section scheduled for next Wed 4/18, at 12:30p. I'll keep doing the exercises until then, so there's still a chance that instead of doing the surgery at that time, they'll induce instead.

Thanks all for your wishes!

Amber: I've been doing some of the spinning babies exercises, and now I'll keep doing them, lol. It's good to hear that you had no probs with your 2 c/s. I know it's fine, I just had an emotional reaction to the idea of doing it, because I didn't want to and I didn't at all expect it, you know? I'm feeling much better about it now. Whatever gets him in my arms safely!

Dawn: I'm feeling ... wiped out completely. There's no point pretending otherwise. Uncomfortable most of the time, and very uncomfortable at night. This pg is soooo different than Aasha's. Now I truly understand what people mean when they said they are done and the "get the baby out" feelings, lol! With Aasha, I felt so good, I was actually a little sad when her arrival rolled around, because I knew my special time with her was going to be over. But, I'm healthy and baby is healthy, so that's all that matters.

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so sorry about the breech ....
hang in there and I am sending you "turning" vibes and hope that you will not go C-Section....