Parent Teacher Conferences! (Long brag LOL)

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Parent Teacher Conferences! (Long brag LOL)

So wanted to give a quick Zayden update/brag Smile

We had our first Parent/Teacher conference with Z's teacher yesterday. First, I have to say I am SO happy with his teacher --she is awesome! The difference a few years experience makes! I didn't once here a single comment about if he can put his shoes on or not Blum 3

They "grade" them in four areas --social (becoming a student), Language acquisition (french and english), motor skills and pre academics.

Her first thing was that Zayden is doing very well. She said that he is emerging as a strong leader as he has a very strong outgoing personality and that he is very confident and the other kids look toward him. How totally cool is that! She has no concerns with language acquisition --either English or French, as he communicates very well and seems to understand most everything he is told.

She said his pre academics were great though they have not focused on this at all yet. But his motor skills are great --in fact he is her only little boy that really has good fine motor skills since boys usually aquire them later than girls.

BUUUUTTTTT......... (yeah you know with Z there is always a but) Sad

They are still having issues with him with behavior. He is still aggressive and hits and pushes, especially when he is mad or tired. They are working hard with him but its a constant thing. There are a few other kids -- including ones in the other PK1 class-- that are also "active" but he is one of the more difficult ones.

She also noted that in the last month or so, he has been very clingy and attention seeking so she has had to work on positive attention and ignoring the bad --i.e. just sending him away -- so he doesn't get the negative attention.

She did say that at about 10:30 a.m. Right after second recess-- he "shuts down" and nothing goes in or out. She thinks he is either sleepy, hungry, or there is a negative influence at recess (and I loved this) and that it is her job to figure that out. She has tried letting him rest --just pulling his mat out -- but he doesn't seem to want to do that. She asked about his sleeping/waking since he has such a long day (7:30-5) but we don't wake him up until 6:45 and he is fighting us to get to bed before 8. So she doesn't think he is sleepy. We did talk with her about the issues with him last year, she said she recently talked to Caroline (his teacher) and learned about his exhaustion that they almost held him back for-- and very emphatically said that is not the issue --he is fine. LOL

So we are going to send some snacks for him and she is going to monitor it closer.

But in general, very positive. She wants us to work on time outs at home, and positive reinforcement. But she says he is very bright, is the first to pick up on things though often rushes through the activities so he can go play. She thinks that as they get more into the academics, he is going to really enjoy it.

So long as he stops bonking everyone. SIGH

Okay brag over.

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Yay for the good report overall! Yahoo I am glad you like his new teacher so much- that makes such a difference! Claire is no angel herself- I seems like almost every day I hear about something!

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:clappy: Go Zayden! Those sound like some great improvements over the ones the other teacher would have. I like this new teacher! Smile

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Yay! Go Zayden and new teacher. She sounds so much more on the ball than the other one.

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We both LOVE the new teacher -- not cause she lets him get away with things-- she even says she is really strict and expects the kids to listen -- but because she does do that and he responds. She does not immediately chalk him up to being too young or just a demon child but wants to work with him to see whats going on.

Charley was SO proud last night, he ran into the assistant teacher when he was picking Z up and she asked which of us spoke French --ummm neither? She had a hard time believing that because Z apparently skips around the playground singing songs in French with a perfect accent LOL. She also says he is doing great and is a really great kid. .. . except they have to keep him and Jackson seperated.

Z keeps telling me about Jackson, "Jackson hit me! I said Jackson don't hit I don't like that." I asked him if he hit Jackson first and he says "NO I hit Jackson second." :rolleyes: Hmmm how bout we don't hit at all?

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Sounds like he's doing well overall! His new teacher sounds fabulous!

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Glad this place seems to be working out better and that he is doing so well.

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Thanks guys! And thanks for letting me brag Smile

It is doing better, I know that my kid is a handful and causes issues. Its just nice to hear a teacher tell me about the good things, not just the issues.

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Way to go z!! What a great report!

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That is awesome Amy! Great job Z!!! It sounds like he is doing really well in all the areas and just being a "boy" too!

I'm so glad his new teacher seems to really be hands on and has an interest in helping you guys and Z progress.

Brag all you want!