Potty Expert - Ooops!

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Potty Expert - Ooops!

When we were deep into potty training, we would read a book called "Potty Experts" every day. Lyla loved it so much, and had it memorized. One of the lines she liked was "Don't worry, you won't fall in."

Last night I took her to a public restroom. I told her to sit still, when I was getting her some toilet paper. She fell into the toilet! I expected screaming and crying. I pulled her out of the toilet and she said: "Don't worry I won't fall in. I did fall in!" Turns out the potty experts is wrong. ROFL

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Ha - poor baby! Its great that she had a good attitude about it and didn't freak out.

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ROFL glad she was "fine" about it

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LOL! Thank goodness she didn't get upset!!

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ROFL Glad she handled it well!

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That's adorable! With my luck, Jude would've been traumatized and refused to use any public bathroom again!

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Oh no! Glad she handled it so well, lol. I don't about Aasha, but I think I'd be traumatized if I fell into the toilet Smile