Potty Training Set Back

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Potty Training Set Back

Any one else had to deal with potty training regression? I have been pretty frustrated with Zayden since Sunday. He has been pretty good, at most an accident a day but many days no accidents. When he did have accidents it was mostly because he didn't make it in time or couldn't get his pants down.

Since Sunday -- we have had many accidents where he didn't even attempt to make it to the potty. His first was he fell down off a playground animal and peed himself, probably not a huge deal. But then two more.

Monday when I picked him up at daycare, he was soaking wet, playing with toys. (why the daycare people didn't catch that idk) Then Monday night he ran to the bathroom but I went to help him and he was just standing there --clothes on -- peeing.

They yesterday I picked him up, he had had three accidents so lots of clothes to wash. When I picked him up he had obviously dressed himself because no only were his shorts on backwards but he had no underwear on (and he did have spares) That I addressed with the director today.

Then this morning, as we dropped daddy off at the trolley, I realized he was SOAKED again! (thankfully I had extra clothes that I was taking to daycare) Hadn't even said a word.

Told him that big boys go potty in the potty and the little punk told me he was a small boy. And he goes pee in his pants. Grrrrr

Ideas? Suggestions? He has been in undies all day since July 1 so hes been great for a month. I am not going to start diapers again. Grrr

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Stick to it. Deacon had a short period where he kept peeing in his pants after he had been PT'd for a month or more. I think its perfectly natural - just annoying for us.

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YES, we definitely had periods of regression. They brought me to tears I was so frustrated. A big regression after Layla was born, of course, but others on and off before that. Most didn't last long, and I noticed that the bigger deal I would make out of it, the worse it would get. If I would act frustrated, get angry at her, or "punish" her in any way (example: no cartoons today because you peed in your pants), it would only get worse. If I rewarded her when she did well, it would get better. She only seemed to respond to positive reinforcement, nothing negative.

I hope it doesn't last long, I remember how frustrating it can be. And not to discourage you, but we had accidents here and there for months after being potty trained. Part of that being because of Layla, but I mean she had been potty trained for like 6 months and one day just stood in front of the potty and peed on the floor for no apparent reason. There is no telling what goes on in their little brains.

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"SID081108" wrote:

There is no telling what goes on in their little brains.


Sorry, I'm no help about the OP. Good luck, though, how annoying.

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We've dealt with that too. Sad It is frusterating but stay consistant. they get back on track.

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"but only on the pee part lucky me" !!!

the last two days had been "bad" ......................