PSA --Shopping Carts --lesson learned

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PSA --Shopping Carts --lesson learned

Okay, I officially win the Worst.Mommy.Ever award Sad

Don't do what I did!

Last night, I picked up Z from daycare, needed to run to Target really quick to pic up some stuff for moving this weekend (I have someone coming to help me clean the new house Saturday so needed some supplies). Tried to put Z in the cart --the front part --but he was fussing and squirming. DH has been letting him ride in the main part of the cart and he wanted to do that. Sure fine whatever, I am trying to get in and out of Target and figured I would be there long. But you HAVE to sit down. Which he sorta did. First on his knees, then butt, then knees.

We are in the store not 4 minutes, I wasn't really paying attention cause I am trying to find shelf paper. I *think* what happened is he saw something, stood up, and maybe just leaned a bit out of the back of the cart to see at the EXACT minute I stopped the cart. Mind you I wasn't going fast or anything.

The next thing I see is my baby boy flying out of the back of the cart --head first --falling to the tile floor --hits the front of his head, his neck snaps back and he lands on his back. I immediately run and grab him going omg omg. I pick him up, think maybe I shouldn't in case he has a neck injury but give him this huge hug and start checking him out. He was so hysterical he couldn't even scream at first --you know that cry they do when they aren't breathing and trying to cry but nothing comes out Sad

He was fine. Only thing he said hurt was his fingers which of course I thought were broken. But he could move them and he could make a fist. I searched his head and tried to figure out if every bump I felt was supposed to be there. They were.

After a few minutes of hugs and kisses he calmed down and was fine. I asked him if he wanted to go home or stay and shop (cause I had promised him I'd buy ice cream. And he wanted to stay.

He does have a HUGE bump on his forehead where he hit but he swore that didn't hurt. I watched him like a hawk the rest of the evening to see if any signed of concussion, and got up a few times last night too.

He was fine, I was in tears most of the night. When DH got home that night I told him Z will NEVER AGAIN sit in the back of the cart. Sad

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Poor little man! Sad I'm glad he's okay. How scary for you all!


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OH MY GOSH, Amy!!! So scary for both of you! I'm so sorry!! You are not a bad mommy, though...I let Sophia ride in the big part of the cart all the time and she stands up sometimes, too. I always just tell her she has to hang on tight but I can totally see that happening to us. For you it just so happened that all the wrong things happened at the wrong time. I'm so glad that Z wasn't hurt worse.

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Oh Amy how scary!!! So sorry you guys had to go through that but so glad Z is ok! We also let Alyssa ride in the back of the cart too with having to say sit down several times! Could have happened to any of us! :bigarmhug:
They way you described Z landing sounds exactly how Lauren landed when she fell off the pew at church a month or so ago! so scary!

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Oooh, that would be so scary! I have an issue with Noah in the front of the cart--he's always trying to climb out of there. Eek! I'm glad to hear he's just fine. You are NOT a bad mom for that--we all do it! Right now, Noah looks like he is abused he has so many bumps, scrapes, bruises, and I can't even tell you how he's gotten any of them.

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Oh my, how scary! I'm glad he's okay! Ouch!

I don't think I can even lift Miles up into a cart anymore! LOL He usually helps me push the cart, or pushes his own little cart (some stores have them)...or rides in a "car cart" if the store has one of those.

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Thanks guys! I honestly could not understand how he wasn't actually hurt beyond the huge bump that didn't phase him. Dang my kid has a hard head! I seriously was grabbing for my phone to call 911 and thought I was calling DH to meet me at the hosptial!

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I'm so sorry Amy. So glad he's okay. Try not to beat yourself up about it, it really could've happened to anyone. Thank you for being brave enough for the reminder though.

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This has happened to me before at Target! Zac fell out and hit his head and nearly scared me to death a little less than a year ago. We were on the toy isle and he started reaching for a toy before I could grab him. He has not ridden in the back of a buggy since and especially not at Target.

So like everyone else said. It can happen to any of us.

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Oh wow, I'ms so glad he's okay! Jude rides in the back of the cart all the time and is rarely ever sitting. The thought of him flying out of it like that really never crossed my mind. You're SO not a bad Mom!

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Okay -- I am VERY glad to know I am not the only one who has let their LO ride in the back of a cart.

Funny part is, to me that was the worst fall he ever took --woke up the next morning, not even a bruise on his head. Dang he has a hard head!