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Where is your favorite place to buy you lo's tennis shoes?

Do yo have a favorite brand?

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I just realized Lyla's toes go to the end of her tennis shoes, so it's time for me to go shoe shopping.

Where is your favorite place to buy you lo's tennis shoes? I prefer to buy local so I can try them on her. Last time I got a great deal on 6pm.com. I was a little disappointed, because I didn't realize that New Balance run small.

Do yo have a favorite brand? Although, the New Balance I got her ran small, they are still some of the best shoes I ever bought Lyla. I got them for her in September, and they still look new. Yay, for a pair of shoes that can be handed down to Cora! They are really flexible, and that is a must when I pick out shoes.

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Hmmm. Usually the tennis shoes are hand me downs from my cousin who's 1.5 years older than Miles. I don't think I've bought a pair of actual tennis shoes yet.

eta I did buy him a pair - Champion's from Target that were on clearance. And dh hated them because they had laces. lol.

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Stride Rite -- I hate the cost but they always measure his feet really well, double check the fit and the shoes wear really well and are good quality. Zayden is really rough on shoes and the few times I bought cheep, they wore out super quick. Plus I have had two surgeries on my feet so far and probably need another in a year or two due to foot structure so I am paranoid to make sure he has good quality shoes!

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I prefer Sketchers for tennis shoes but they are pricey and hard to find on sale. Sometimes I can find them at Marshall's or Ross but not too often. She has a LOT of shoes (all different kinds) but she doesn't wear tennis shoes very often...they are always her last choice. She loves flip flops or more girly shoes. I don't very often buy her cheap shoes because they dont' last long but I do occassionally buy a pair or two at Payless. I'm not a big fan of Stride Rite's style in big kid sizes, but Layla wears Robeez, which is a Stride Rite brand.

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Well, my favorite brand for the boys is Vans. Thankfully they hold up extremely well and Colby wears Jackson's hand-me-downs and they still look great. I'm kind of a shoe snob with the boys because it's SO hard to find cute boy clothes, so I really am into their shoes. Around the house though, they wear Target shoes. (Eek, I did buy Colby a pair of Uggs this winter, but we were in Tahoe, he needed shoes, and they were too cute to resist.)

For myself, I'm all over the place. I mostly wear Uggs in the winter and flip flops in the summer. I have my first pair of Toms on the way (thanks Jenn!)

Oops, but I bought Colby two pairs of Toms. They were so cute, I bought him the same shoes in two sizes, so they would be sure to fit this summer. http://www.toms.com/youth/tiny/chambray-bimini-tiny-toms-classics

Aw crap, now I see they come in women's http://www.toms.com/womens/new-styles/green-women-s-bimini-stitchouts Not sure about any of the colors though?

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For school/play, I buy shoes at Target. For weekend/church shoes, I go to Famous Footwear and Kohls. I used to buy/accept hand-me-downs, but after a very stern and compelling lecture from my MIL, I will not put any kids (or person actually) in hand-me-downs. Reason being--everyone's feet are shaped differently, everyone steps differently and once a shoe is formed to someone's foot, sharing it for a length of time with someone else could mess up that person's feet.

I prefer Converse for Noah--those are my favorites for him. Cute shoes for boys are SO hard to find and I am super picky for his non-daycare/play shoes.