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QOTD Friday

When do you have the most alone time?

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When I'm editing pictures. Jackson is at preschool and Janet is watching Colby. Or when I go to the store by myself Smile

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I really have no idea. I'm never alone really - in the car - in the shower - in the bathroom - in the bed - never. I'd have to say its only when Justin runs to the store or to grab food and Deacon rides with him. Otherwise I always have someone with me.

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My 15 minute drive to work (I'm usually talking to someone on my way home) and then my time at work, since I have my own office and we all pretty much stick to ourselves. Andy never takes Noah anywhere without me and I take Noah everywhere with me, even when Andy's home, so that's about all I get. Gosh, I never really thought about that before. Huh. Guess the boys need some more together time. Wink

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I'm never really alone either. Every couple weeks I run to Target and the craft store while dh stays with Miles. Otherwise it's after Miles goes to bed (since he doesn't really nap ever anymore)...but then dh is home and around.

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I'm not alone hardly ever, I think the longest is probably in the morning before Jack gets up and after DH takes off for work, and depending on what time Jack wakes up that could be 20 minutes or an hour. I also get a short alone time at nap time, maybe 45 minutes or so lately.

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Now that our cabin is "done" I get my Tuesday afternoon back from 1pm to 6pm !!!!!!!!!!!!
DH is not working and he has Florian with him !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Alone time? What's that...LOL I'm with Lori---NEVER!!!!!

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When I run...sometimes. Most times the kids are with me though. So I guess I get the most alone time when I sleep when DH is out of town. Blum 3