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QOTD Monday

What did you eat for dinner last night?

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I had diet popcorn (forget the kind) with pickle juice. LOL Deacon said it was sick.

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OMG popcorn with pickle juice sounds gross...LOL

I had McDonalds Smile as we were traveling back from TN!

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umm Yuck Jenn --ITA with Deacon on that one!

We had a LATE lunch of mexican and then a snack of Garlic Beer Buddies (garlic/cheese on pizza crust).

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We grilled corn, zucchini, and sausage. Smile My cousin is staying with us for the next 3 days. We also made Rum Runners, had chips with guacamole (Jackson is obsessed with guacamole lately) & hot cheese dip, and had lemon and chocolate cake for dessert. It was a good night Smile

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opened a can of light sliced peaches...........
we came back late from our remote cabin land and I was dead tired Wink

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We had grilled hamburgers and chips by candlelight because no electricity, it was really good!

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We had burgers on the grill last night because we didn't and still do not have power. Our power company is hoping to have all power restored by Wednesday afternoon.

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We had chicken fried steak (beef was from my parents farm), mashed potatoes, and fresh tomatoes from our garden.

It was what dh wanted to make for dinner, and he helped make it. I don't even want to know how many calories was in it.

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Burritos in fresh tortillas with homemade green chili (I even roasted the green chili myself!) and homemade beans.

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Imitrex! I had a migraine, so I had a delicious dinner of drugs and water.