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QOTD Monday

Going back to school days - what were your feelings and emotions on the last days of summer and the first day back to school?

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Excited on both days. I love fresh starts so the first day of school was always full of possibilities and I loved that. I also loved summer days of nothing but carefree fun.

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I was always so nervous. Especially in jr high and hs when I had to find my classes, lockers, figure out the schedule, etc. Once I had a few days behind me I was ok but the beginning was always so scary for me.

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Excited for a fresh new school year, new clothes, new books, new teachers, new classes. I loved seeing my friends every day. The only thing was I loved my summer job (lifeguarding) and was sad whenever the season ended.

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I loved the first day of school. I hated summer ending but I loved the fresh start and new beginning.

As a mother I hate the first day of school, I have so much anxiety for the girls, worrying about who is in their class or how they are going to do and make sure they are okay and all the nasty germs they will bring home that I just hate it, but I also LOVE summer and being home with them, this summer was AMAZING!

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I was excited for both. I went to a small school and had the same classmates every year. Growing up they felt more like siblings. My class was always the biggest in the school and we had 22 (only 7 girls).

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