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QOTD Monday

How many siblings do you have and what is your relationship like with each? If you have more than one - how would you describe their relationship?

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I have two older brothers. The oldest is 10 years my senior and the middle brother is 5 years my senior. I'm pretty close to both of them now that we are adults. The oldest and I have always had the closest relationship but here lately he has been distant - he has a new wife so they are in the 'never leave each others side' newlywed phase. The middle brother and I are close but we have really similar personalities so we butt heads a lot. However all 4 of our kids (gee that sounds super weird to say!) will all be close in age. His oldest will be 5 in Jan - right when this LO is due...so 4 kids under 5 will be fun. His DD and Deacon are BFFs :rolleyes:

My brothers have a strained relationship at the moment. One has his feelings hurt because the other never calls or hangs out and the other feels the same way but neither tell the other. Its seriously like teen girl issues. LOL

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I had two older sisters, one passed away almost 10 years ago, I had a really close relationship with the one who passed and my other sister I became a lot closer to after my parents passed,we talk a few times a week but I don't get to see her a lot lately since she got a babysitting job. They're both a lot older than me, my sister is 51 and my other sister would have turned 50 this December.

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I have 3 sisters.

Oldest sister- Our relationships is okay. We live about 30 minutes away from each other, but don't see each other often. We talk on the phone a few times a month. Despite not having too much in common we get along okay. She has 3 boys. I see them a fair amount and try to take them out to do fun stuff when I can, since my sister is a single mom and doesn't get to do that stuff often with them.

Sister #2 is 16 months older than I am. She lives about 30 minutes away, but we almost never talk. She keeps to herself and to her husbands side of the family. She's quiet and sensitive.

Sister #3 is 4 years younger than me. We have the most in common and talk often. She lives about 2 hours away. Despite there not being a huge age difference between us, I did a lot of raising her after our parents got divorced. My Dad called me often after I moved out to help disipline her because he could not get through to her. Even now, I'm the first person she calls when there is trouble or she needs advice.

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I have one younger sister. We do not get along and for the most part tolerate each other for the sake of my girls and her twins. Our relationship goes through ups and downs where we talk or whatever all the time and then we go months without speaking at all. Our relationship changed for the worse once her twins were born. She is closer to my mother and my mother acts like a third sister and starts a lot of trouble, it's much easier to stay away. I love living in a different state than the her and my mom.

I can only pray that my girls have a better relationship.

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I have one older brother by a little over 2 years. Growing up everything he touched turned to gold or just fell into place for him so I was really jealous of him when we were younger. I always say that he was mature from the womb LOL He has always been very serious. I love to make people laugh and take life pretty lightly.

Now that we are adults we don't see each other much because he owns his own company and he and my SIL travel to see my oldest nephew in golf tournaments. When we are around each other I feel like he's my dad sometimes so it's hard to have conversations but I know if there was anything I ever needed all it would take is a phone call. He has the kindest heart for a man I know.

I'm really close with his wife. We will spend hours on the phone with each other.

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One older brother --4.5 years older than me. We are very close since he has Down Syndrome and I am his conservator. Its funny since that means that I get the final word in on everything for his life but when he gets mad at me, he "reminds" me that I am his baby sister and he is the big brother! Smile

Used to see him at least once a month but since Zayden has been born that is harder to do. Sad His group home is an hour and a half away and that's a long time to keep Z in a car seat for a day.

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It's just me!

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I have two older brothers and one younger. Growing up me and the younger brother were pretty close, I was always a little jealous of my second eldest brother (not the oldest but the one born right before me) as he was the favourite child.

Now as adults we dont see each other too often, we all have busy lives, one lives in the US but we see each other on birthdays, christmas and other random family get togethers (we are seeing each other this weekend) We all have kids the eldest has two girls (one a few years older then Claire one 9 months younger then Clarie) , the second has a boy and a girl (twins) just 6 months older then Claire and the last is pregnant due early next year. So we now have alot more in common.

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I just have one younger brother. About 2.5 years. Our relationship is ok. Not super close but definately get along better than we did as kids. He's not married, single, no kids. Kind of a hermit but has gotten better lately.

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I have 3 siblings

A brother (12 years older) - We are pretty close and see each other at least once a week. He only lives 3 blocks away. When I was in high school and college we played on the same paintball team, so we were constantly hanging out. Now, I think he comes over to hang out with dh and Lyla. Lyla adores him.

A sister (10 years older) - She lives an hour and a half away. She got married when she was 18, and I was almost 8. She has two kids, my nephew is 19 and my niece is 11. I have a hard time relating to her. She is a little over the top religious (I hope I don't offend anyone here), and not very accepting of people with different views.

A sister (22 months older) She lives about 8 minutes from me, and is over at my place almost every day. We are very close and she is like a second mom to my kids. She has really helped me get through the last year. She is single and doesn't have any kids.

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1 younger brother, we like each other but he lives in France and I see him very little... as kids we hated each other ROFL

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I've got 3 siblings.

A twin sister - we are close. We talk on the phone every day, but don't see eachother very often anymore. She got divorced a few years ago and is getting remarried next weekend. She recently moved in w/her fiancee and so she lives about 1.5 hours away (why we don't see eachother much these days).

A brother, 1 year younger. We aren't very close. Not that we don't get along or anything, he's just in the college phase and we don't see eachother besides holidays.

A sister, 2 years younger. Same as my brother. Not too close, mainly see her at holidays as she works a lot and goes to college.

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2 half sisters that I did not grow up with nor got to see very often. One is 3 years older than me & we became friends on facebook about 6 months ago but before that I hadn't talk to her in nearly 12 years. My other half sister is 6 years older than me & she was murdered in '99 by her live-in boyfriend. I was closer with her than my other sister. She would come down to my parents to visit often & did live with us for a short time when I was a teenager. I was devasted when she was killed.

1 brother 6 years younger than me whom I love very much but don't have much respect for. We were very close when he was 19 & I was 25....very close but over the past 5 years we have drifted apart & I lost all respect for him b/c he's very selfish & has used my parents esp. my mom, stolen from her & left her to clean up his mess. He's 27 not working, has one child living with a girlfriend that he has knocked up. My mom still pays his car payment & car insurance. I know it's just as much her fault for letting him use her but it still pisses me off to know after everything she's done for him he continues to take advantage of her knowing her financial state. Anyways....I love him & do see him when I go back home to visit but we're not close like we use to be. My niece is my world though....love her dearly Smile

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3 siblings

Brother... 23 years old. Lives in Seattle with his girlfriend. We are close, don't talk a lot, but we text and e-mail several times a year.

Half brothers... 12 and 10 years old. Live with my dad and step mom. Not too close, as they are in their teenage years and would rather play video games and be with their friends than hang out with family.