QOTD thursday

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QOTD thursday

What do you normally do for memorial day?

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Whatever event they usually have in our town we usually do. In Napa last year we went to the town parade, which was cute. I haven't really looked into what we're doing this year. DH will be back from Mexico, so we'll be doing baby organizing and hopefully spend some family time outside.

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We usually go to a BBQ at both sides of our family's. My family usually does something that Saturday or Sunday, and dh's family is usually on Monday. This year, if all goes well at my 12 week appointment on Wednesday, we're going to be telling everybody then. Eeeek. I'm planning to put Miles in his Big Brother tshirt and let everybody figure it out! Dh hasn't heard this idea, yet...LOL!!

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We usually go to the river with my parents and they have all kinds of events there. This year we will probably be working on the house. We may go just for the day since it's not too far away.

Ashley: I hope you get a lot of excitement when you announce this time. I think that's such a cute idea to dress the big sibling in a t=shirt to announce a pregnancy.

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Nothing big for us!

Ashley love your idea on annoucing your pregnancy---can't wait to hear how that turns out Smile

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B.J. (Before Josh) DH and I would go DC for the weekend and just explore the city.

Now, we have a cook out at our house and invite people over. Last year, it was my mom and brother. This year I think I want to invite my dad and his family because he has been so sick and I want to spend some extra time with him.

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We go camping! This will be our first camping adventure this year and with 2 kiddos. On Memorial Day we always go to a very small lake, but it has good fishing (I don't really care about that). There is no electricity or water at the campground :eek:. We still take our 5th wheel, so we have cozy beds and a place to get out of the weather. We will probably camp from Fri -Monday.

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Nothing special, but DH will have a 4-day weekend, which I'm excited about! I'd like to go down to the beach for the day but it will be totally packed down there, so we'll see if we're up for that.

Tisha, how fun! I wish we had a fifth wheel, but my husband is totally not a camper. Maybe some day I'll win him over Wink

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This year will be bitter sweet...2 year anniversary of my father's death. My birthday is May 22. My mother was supposed to be induced and I was going to be born on May 30th. My orignal due date was June 5th. I had other plans and came earlier. My father's birthday was May 30th and this year it is Memorial Day...especially bittersweet b/c he was an Airforce vet, E-9 CMSGT retired after going on over 100 sorties out of the country...it was his life and so it was fitting he was a Memorial Day baby every few years. He passed on May 27th from cancer induced by agent orange he was exposed to during Vietnam. We were not close when I was growing up, but thankfully the last few years before he passed we had the opportunity to become friends and mend fences. I hated that it seemed like just when life gave us "time" to be close it took him away...and I told him that...I had issues with God for that, snatching him just when he was coming back so to speak. So between May 22nd and May 30th God and I argue a little still. That will be my Memorial Day.

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Ashley, I hope you get a lot of excitement when you announce!!

Dani, B.J.- Im sorry, my mind went there. Thats funny.

Kelly, thank you for sharing that story with us. I hope you have a nice Memorial Day weekend even under the circumstances.