QOTD - Thursday

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QOTD - Thursday

When is the last time you were out of the house doing something for yourself? What did you do?

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Do you mean, without kids? I have no idea :eek:

I got a babysitter back around DH's birthday (May) so we could go to a movie...that's all we did, go to a movie and come straight back. And I was worried the whole time. That's the only time we've left both kids. And I haven't gone to do anything (except maybe a quick run to the store) without one kid or the other since Layla was born.

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Every weekend? Usually Justin will keep Deacon at home so I can go do something. I hate being in the house two days in a row and Jus loves it - so usually on Sat or Sun I go shopping or just running around to get out of the house.

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Last Friday... I went to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 with a friend at the minute. It was nice to have some girl time, but it was also the very first time that I have not put Josh to bed, I was a little sad.

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Without kids?!? The closest I have come lately is a few trips to the grocery store without kids, and the salon to get my hair done. Before Colby came, we went out to dinner a few times and left Jackson with MIL for a day.

Our first outing without kids will be Sept/Oct. We won a day at this gorgeous Inn in Calistoga. We're going to leave Colby with Janet and bring Jackson and drop him off at MIL's for the night. Then we'll get to go wine tasting with friends, out to dinner, and spend the night, and SLEEP in!

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Mother's Day weekend was the last time for me. It was ladies night out. We all got our nails done, dinner, and a sleepover. I had to skip the sleepover part, and had to stop by the house to nurse Cora every 2 hours. She still refuses a bottle, so it's difficult to get away very long.

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I honestly can't remember! Other than maybe quick runs to the grocery store but most of the time I do that on my lunch break from work.

Maybe in May when I had my hair done last. but then my mom brought Alyssa and Lauren there at the end of my appt for Alyssa's first haircut.

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Last Saturday DH and I went to Los Angeles for a Monkees concert and Z spent the night with Adrienne.