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QOTD Tuesday

How do you guys do Santa (or not do it) at your house? What kinds of gifts does he leave? Do you go visit him for pictures? If so, when? Is your LO understanding the concept better this year?

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We do different wrapping paper from Santa and Mommy & Daddy but most of the big stuff comes from Santa. Gabby definitely gets it better this year she is so excited, she just says that Christmas is everywhere. She calls Santa = Sante. It cracks me up and makes me smile cause that's what my Grandma used to say and Goofy says that all the time.

We will go see Santa at the local firehouse he arrives in town by train. We did it last year and it was amazing, looking forward to it this year.

Emma is starting to ask more questions and I think have some doubts. She noticed the wrapping paper out and asked why. She has noticed some bags and boxes around. I answered her as simple as possible by telling her that Santa lives in our hearts and that he is only one person and cannot simply get everything done by himself. Sometimes the elves have to stop by and drop off wrapping paper and presents ahead of time so that we can help him. Then he comes Christmas Eve and puts everything under the tree.

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Lori, that is a WONDERFUL explanation!!!

We do the same--Santa's leaves only one big present that is wrapped seperately from others (if it's wrapped at all), and he fills the stockings too. We usually just see him at the sitter's--Santa comes every year a few nights before Christmas. This year, Noah also saw him on the Polar Express. He pretty much gets it this year, which has been fun.

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Right now we wrap Santa gifts since its fun to see them unwrap them I might just leave them unwrapped in the future. I use Santa paper for the santa gifts so its different. The girls are getting a couple things from santa and stockings and then a gift from us and a gift from each other.

We see Santa at the parade, then at the mall for pics, then at DH's company christmas party and finally on the Santa train.. lol we see him a lot Wink

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well for us Santa is who ever has a "santa hat" ...
I was thinking taking him to the city of NORTH POLE (yes it is 10 miles outside of Fairbanks) and he can meet Santa and the reindeer at the Santa Claus House... but it is a "tourist" trap and I would have to drag myself there... but if he wants I will

he doesn't understand yet or let's say I never bother yet with it... we got book at library (non religious of course) about X-Mas and decorating tree etc...we will see how we evolve in the "Santa" and the present thing.. I have to think more about it ROFL

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It's a mix for us on Santa wrapping or not wrapping his gifts. Mason believed in Santa up until last year...yes he was 11 & still believed in Santa...LOL I loved it though~he didn't even figure it out either we sat him down & told him b/c we thought it was time. I hope all the rest of my kids are the same way.

Will has starting saying things like "that's not the real Santa" when he sees a Santa at the mall or something like that. I don't think I've heard Sawyer say anything about Santa. I do know I will not be able to wrap any gifts & put under the tree until Christmas Eve b/c if Sawyer sees them he'll think he has to open them NOW....LOL

Will has already seen Santa at school & even had his picture made with him. I will take Ava & Sawyer soon but Sawyer will NOT sit in his lap. He wigs out at him when we walk by at the mall...LOL We didn't make it last year so was really hoping he'd go this year but guess that a big ole NO!