QOTD - Tuesday

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QOTD - Tuesday

What type of mop do you use?

What are your likes and dislikes about it?

(sorry using the qotd to help me shop.)

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I rarely mop. Our bathroom is small, so I just do that by hand. The rest of our house is hardwood and hides dirt really well. I sweep it, and every now and then I'll use a steam mop, but not often. We had a Shark Steam Mop. But it just broke, so now we are mopless.

Our floors are getting refinished soon, so I'll just wait to get something else and see what the guys refinishing it says to use.

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Well our steam mop recently broke, so I'm using the Swiffer but need to get a regular mop soon, the Swiffer doesn't seem to clean the floor enough.

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We have a Shard Steam Mop. I use it once in a while. Most of the time I 'mop' the floor with a paper towel and homemade cleaner. Really nothing works better than good ole elbow grease. Even when I use the steam mop, if I go over if afterwards with a paper towel, I can get more dirt up.

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I have a Shark Steam Mop and I like it much better than any other mop I've ever had (and I've tried quite a few). However, it's no miracle...I still hate mopping, and the floor is still not sparkling clean when I'm done. I wait so long to mop that I would basically have to spray the kitchen out with a fire hose to get it as clean as I'd like it. But the Shark Steam Mop is super easy to set up and put away, and it does a pretty good job. I absolutely hate mopping with water and a bucket. The dirty water makes me want to puke. In between mopping I clean anything I see on the floor with Lysol wipes. Biggrin

Oh and I've had the Steam Mop for about 3 years I think and it's still going strong.

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I have a steam mop too though not a shark. I like it a lot and like that I can clean the floor without lots of chemicals. We also have just an old rag mop for when our housekeeper mops --she didn't like the steam mop for some reason.

Someone gave me a long time ago a floor mate but we never use it.

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I don't mop a ton either. But I got a steam mop but wasn't a fan of it. I've been using the Norwex mop system lately and it works pretty well.