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What are you looking forward to doing this summer with your lo/s?

I love this idea!


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That's an awesome idea - and how cute does it look, all of them printed and tacked up?

I'm looking fwd to hanging out with the newborn. This time, my ILs/MIL won't be living with us, so I'm excited about a lot of one-on-one time with him while Aasha's at school. And, the ILs are living 1.5 miles away, so I'm thrilled that they are still nearby rather than back in St. Louis.

We'll be going to Illinois/Wisconsin for a family reunion (my dad's side) in early July. That's just for a few days, and DH will return home after it, but I will then take the 2 kiddos down to my parents place and hang out there for a few weeks before returning. After that, I'll be working again, so I'm looking fwd to the trip.

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I forgot, I'm really hoping to sign Aasha up for some classes this summer - swimming, dance, gym. We've not put her in anything so far! I also hope to take Aasha and the new LO to more parks and on hikes. I'm looking at different baby wearing options, and bought a used Bob stroller, so I hope I can do some easy trails with the two of them.

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Very cute. I did a list like that one year on my blog and then just crossed them out as we did them. Maybe I'll do that again. I love having lists!

I seriously can't believe it's April already and summer is close! I just can't wait to swim and hang out. Hoping it's not too hard with Colby around the pool this year.