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QOTD Wednesday

Who usually puts gas in your car, you or DH? How often do you have to fill your tank? How much is gas per gallon (Kim, please convert, lol) right now?

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I fill up my tank myself every Monday and Friday. If we don't go anywhere on the weekends I can usually get away with postponing the Monday fill up. But I do usually fill up about 2 times a week.

Gas by my house is about $3.35 - $3.45/gallon and with my grocery store discount card I get it for $.10/gallon less. So I usually spend about $100 a week in gas. :eek:

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each of us fill up our own car Wink

mine is about 28/30 mpg (Subaru Legacy)
and DH is about 30/31 MPG (Subaru Impreza)

gas is about $3.77 at the cheapest in town... :eek: it was up to $4.12 this summer
we have grocery store you get discount when shopping there up to $1/gallon so it helps....
but we live 30 miles from the edge of town so LOT OF MILES FOR US !!!

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Normally -- we each put gas in our own car, DH's is an Excursion and he puts $100 about every week (which only gives about 1/2 -3/4 of a tank btw!!-- I think its a 30 gallon tank) ($75-$100 is the limit that you can pump at a gas station out here if you didn't know that -- I didn't till we got this car)

I normally drive a mustang --which is still in the shop GRRRRRR and put gas in about one a week -- its about $ 40-50 to fill (14 gallon tank)

Right now we are not normal since we are on one car -- since I am driving the Excursion, I put gas in at lunch -- I think I am putting about $100 every three or four days into the dang truck!

Gas here depends, if I go to Costco its around 3.60 I think -- our grocery is about that too (we also get the 10 cents off but its not near us) if I go to a regular gas station its 3.75-4

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DH usually fills mine up, but it only gets filled up every few weeks or so. His gets filled weekly with diesel, which is around 3.70 here, but we use a 10 cent off from the grocery store discount. In a month altogether we probably spend $400-$450 for gas.

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Dh usually does. I don't drive too often, but if I notice it needs gas I'll fill up. My car usually only needs to be filled once every 1.5 - 2 weeks or so. Dh is probably about that, he doesn't drive far at all for work...so unless we go on a longer trip that's about all the gas we use. Gas is $3.51 here.

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The person that is driving the vehicle fills it up. Mine only needs filled if we go out of town. I live within a 5 minute drives of almost everything in town, so I don't need to fill up often. I hate filling the gas when the kids are in the car, if I can I avoid it.

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Whichever one of us that is driving fills up the cars. My car is about 50$ to fill. But I don't drive all that far, so it doesn't get filled all that often.

DH, I'm sure fills up a few times a week. He has a long commute to work. I'm not sure what gas is...3.70 somethin' I'd guess.

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We each fill up our own; I have a minivan, dh has a PT cruiser. I have no clue how to convert, but my van is about $70-$80 to fill up when it's empty. I usually fill up about once a week, or when I'm close to a Costco, since it's cheaper there.

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We each fill up our own. I have a minivan & filled up just yesterday at $3.41 & it cost me $57.00. I think I have a 16 or 17 gallon tank on that thing. I usually don't have to fill up but once every 1.5/2 weeks but since I've been taking Will to school & picking him it's like once a week Sad DH drives a Forte & fills up once a week think it cost him around $40 bucks to fill up.

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We each fill up our own unless he is with me when i need it then he'll do it. I commute about an hour each way 3-4 days a week so I typically fill up about twice a week. Gas here is around 3.50/gal and its around $50 to fill my tank.

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I fill up my car once a week at Costco. Last week it was 3.25 a gallon. I try not to let it go past a half tank so that it won't cost to much to fill up. I budget $65 per week for a regular week and $80 for a week when I am going farther to visit someone.

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I fill up my own tank unless it happens to be on the weekend and DH is with me. A tank costs me about $60 or so and lasts about 5 days usually. Gas is $3.35 a gallon right now I think.

DH has a work car so he doesn't pay for his gas.

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hubby usually does Smile usually once a week or so we don't tend to go far cause gas is expensive and most things are near the house

here its about $1.25 per litre which in American speak is about $4.75 per gallon (3.8 litres in a Gallon)... keep in mind thats Canadian dollars so Really its $4.82 American Wink

So our dollar may be better right now but holy crap we pay more in gass!!! :eek: