QOTD - Wednesday

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QOTD - Wednesday

Okay, I have one!

What is the one (or more) things that you SWORE you wouldn't do with your baby or let your LO do when you were pregnant that you do now?

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Ours is TV. I swore that I would follow to the letter the recommendations of no TV before 3 and Z would never watch a lot of tv or play with electronics. Now, its his favorite thing to do. (I know there were other things too)

I ask because I sorta laugh and DSD Adrienne and Jon when they talk about these things they will do with their LO -- no technology, no TV, they will take her camping and hiking early on, these great plans that I vaguely remember having when pregnant with Zayden. Oh we would have no chemicals, house would be perfect, no junk food, no cookies etc.

Best of intentions but then life happened...I am still no junk, fast food or cookies -- he gets that ALL from his daddy!

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Good question! Smile

I always said I would NEVER let/put my kid(s) in bed with me. HA! That went right out the window with a couple of weeks after he was born.

Never say never!!!!

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That is my only parenting advice anymore- Never say Never!

I swore I would ony feed my kids organic and natural foods. Yeah....that went out the window when Ava refused to eat ANY foods. Healthy or not.

I also said they would not watch T.V. It's still not their favorite thing, but if I can have a quiet 30 minutes while they watch PBS Kids, I'll take them!

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Hmmmm......where to start, lol.

Amy named off a bunch of things. Everything got a little crazy over the last year, moving and adding Cora to the family.

I always swore my kiddos wouldn't have dirty faces. I do my best, but it is amazing how fast they can get dirty. I keep wipes by Lyla carseat, so when we get out of the car I can wipe her face down.

I also swore I would never bribe my kid with candy. I use jelly beans to get her to try to go potty before we leave the house.

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Another for TV. Especially during the winter here. A whole week of raining all day days and you start to hope some entertaining for kids TV is on.

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Yep, the sleep in bed with me was another one that there was no way. . . :rolleyes: