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"jlildrip" wrote:

You guys have said a lot of mine.

~I REALLY hate when people curse (especially the f word)--that's just in bad taste and can be so offensive.
~I hate the game requests and updates. Yes, I know Andy used to play and some of you blocked us (Ashley ;)) because of that, but he's no longer playing and I hate seeing those requests (I even saw someone yesterday with stickers in their car windows for farmville and twilight--woooow, get a life!)
~I hate how people post that they're out of town or at this restaurant or that store--Don't freakin' post about it then cry when your house gets broken into
~I really don't like it when people post photos of their kids in the tub or some form of nakedness--there are pedophiles out there and they could be your "friends"; just be more careful
That's really most of my FB pet peeves. Smile Other than that, I hate how I can't seperate my friends from Andy's anymore, so I rarely see much. Sad

My mom and I had a little tiff about this one. She posted a picture of Mia and Deacon in the tub and didn't understand why I went into her account and deleted it.

How come you can't separate them, because of the recent update or what?

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Yep, ever since the recent update, it won't seperate them anymore. It was so nice to be able to do that since we share the account.

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"Lavender444" wrote:

I don't really have any FB pet peeves. Which means, I have super awesome friends (which is true) or I'm the offender. Crap!

LOL so I'm reading many of these and am probably guilty of these at one time or another...please don't throw rotton tomatoes at me!!!

"Mommy2AvaBunny" wrote:

I totally hate the Farmville, Cityville requests. I'm not easily annoyed by too many things on FB but I will say that a ton of Kayla's status updates annoy the crap out of me. But if I say anything to her she just says that she'll block me because she's 18 and an adult Ugghhh WHATEVER!

I've been made fun of or criticized for all the pictures of Ava that I post on FB but I only do it because pretty much all of Doug's family lives out of state (he has one sister that lives here in VA) so I post pics and videos so that they can see her and watch her grow (and they are thankful for that)

I hope you girls don't get annoyed by my posting so much of her

I love the photos of Ava! And I totally hate the farmville or game requests but I have blocked most of those so they don't bug me as much.

Tiff has gotten SO much better but she used to post all these stupid emotional (childish) status updates and if I commented, she would block me. DSD Ash still will not friend me on FB --or in her words friend anyone who may be an authority figure because she doesn't want to be judged or dissapoint us with her fb but doesn't want to feel censored.

"SID081108" wrote:

I am forever appauled at what young people will post on the internet these days. I recently found my nephew's twitter page and can I just say :eek: :eek: :eek:


"Jenn0113" wrote:

OMG - and teaching your toddlers to do it. I have a family member who's daughter was taught this at a super early age and now every picture of the girl is like that with the "deuce" sign - or whatever the heck it is.

Or they will think we are jerks and block us, LOL!

Shelly - I agree about the teen chat talk. My niece is horrible at it and so when I commented to her she started trying to post in perfect English and would end every post with "How's that Aunt Jennifer F....." I would reply back "its their, not there" or whatever, LOL.

My niece and nephew do this too! They post these crazy messages that are so hard to decipher and I will post back with did you mean _____. I don't know if its a teen thing or they just really are that bad at spelling!

"Jenn0113" wrote:

Oh, on a side note...how about the young kids that are "in a relationship with...." and posting all their mushy threads and then 3 days later they are "single" and hate that person's guts. ha - there should be a waiting period to post your relationship status.

ITA! Its hilarious to watch that!

My pet peeve is the games though I have figured out how to block a lot of it. I mostly love FB though because I love watching updates of what people are doing. My current pet peeve is the new fb though cause I haven't figured out how to fix it so I get everyones statuses.