Remember me???, !!

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Remember me???, !!

OK I have no excuse beside me been lazy with slow internet and PG.ORG taking for ever to load plus losing pasword...
Anyhow Amy A reminded me to get my b.. moving...

so here I am I'll try to come here once a week.. but slow internet means very very slow loading pages... Sad

I follow you on FB (yes this one load fast!!)

I never ever forget you ladies !!!

do not "shoot" me please!!! or "ban" me !!! ROFL

Updates: Florian is doing great and growing growing, I can't shut him up, he is fully bilingual it is UNBELIEVABLE how he can switch... Schools issues are "it seems" gone for now... he loves school !!


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WOOOHOOOO Magali is back!! Smile

I am so thrilled the school issues are gone! (knock on wood) Zayden seems to have settled down as well so maybe our babies are outgrowing their issues somewhat!

Good to *see* you LOL Smile

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I don't get on here enough anymore. I'm glad to see you stop by, lol. Our lo are getting so big, and keeping us busy. Lyla is in school 5 half days a week. She does swimming 2 nights a week, and gymnastics 1 night a week.

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Hey Magali! And Amy! And Tisha!
( guys sound BUSY!)

I don't get on here much anymore, either. The kids keep me busy. Miles is in preschool 2 half days a week. Vivian is crazy. She walks everything and is into everything. She is not a good napper, so I don't get much down time during the day these days.