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RQOD -Friday

Following up on the car theme, do you know how to drive a stick shift?

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Every car I have ever owned has been a stick -- I learned when I was maybe 16 or 17. I loved having a stick cause the girls couldn't drive it LOL So I never have to really worry about anyone trying to borrow my car.

DH wants me to get an automatic for my next car as they are more "convenient" for driving with child and in traffic. Sad I LOVE having a stick and I feel so much more in control but yes, stop and go traffic for 30 minutes does suck in a stick.

When I went to by my mustang 10 years ago, I was shocked that all the car dealer tried to stear me to an automatic because they assumed a girl couldn't drive a stick. I wanted a sports car and those HAVE to be stick! LOL

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I've never owned one, but have learned how with friends' cars. I wouldn't say I'm an expert or anything though!

I don't know how you do it with kids Amy! That is not something I would want to do/try!

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Yes, I learned to drive on a stick shift (at 14 years old!) and the first car I bought myself was a stick because I *thought* I would love that. Then I had to drive every day in California traffic (405) and soon learned to hate driving a stick shift! I swear my foot would cramp so bad on my commute from having to push that clutch in a thousand times! LOL Then when I bought my truck in 2000, it didn't come in manual transmission (and I was set on having that exact truck) so I'm actually not sure if I've driven a stick shift since then?? Hopefully you never forget how?

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Yep. All of my cars (all 2 of them), except for my current ones have been stick shifts. I actually learned to drive in a manual truck, while trailering my horse. You want to teach a kid to drive safe and slow, make her pull her beloved horse around. Wink

There was a News story here about a guy who tried to carjack a woman at a gas station. He ended up jumping out and running away, because he couldn't drive a stick. :biglaugh:

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Yep, I learned on a manual, so I've been driving one since I was 14. All my cars until my Envoy were sticks, so up until 4 years ago I had one. My dad's commuter car is a stick and I sometimes drive that when I'm there to visit, so I've been able to keep up that skill. I loved having it when I was single, even before kids, but I would absolutely not want one now. Plus, it was nice that Andy could never drive my car. He never did learn how to drive one. I tried once to teach him--it took less than 5 minutes before I quit, lol.

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My first truck was a stick and I had to learn how or not drive. After that I had two more standards. Once I started commuting for work I decided I hated them. Justin's cars have all been stick including his current one which is a 6 speed. I'll probably make sure D&K's first cars are stick too because I think it's good to know how to drive one.

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I learned how to drive a stick while driving a hay truck. You learn to drive smooth pretty quick when you fear a big round hay bale will land on the cab. I also drove my dad's farm truck when needed. After driving dh's car, with a super sensitive clutch, I hate driving any stick.

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All my cars have been manual. DH's latest car is automatic, and it took me a while to not push down the "clutch" reflexively when I started driving it. We got his as an automatic so that guests, esp his mom, could use it when they visited.

I used to be a manual snob, but after driving my car in San Francisco and traffic on the hills, ugh, I'd much rather have an automatic there! And, I actually don't like how I can't lend my car to visitors, so I'd rather get an automatic for practical purposes, whenever it is that I finally replace my acura.

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"shellyca" wrote:

I used to be a manual snob, but after driving my car in San Francisco and traffic on the hills, ugh, I'd much rather have an automatic there!

Yes, Shelly! A manual in SF is a royal pain! I've done it several times and it's so difficult. That's definitely a city that an automatic is a must.

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Nope, I don't know how.

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"AshnBill" wrote:

Nope, I don't know how.

I thought I was going to be the only one who didn't know how to drive one! My dad tried to teach me once when I was like 15 or 16 but didn't really get it so he never tried again.

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No! I can not drive a stick. My mom tried to teach me on one, and ended up having my dad do it instead because he had an automatic.