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RQOD --Olympics

So who watches the Olympics? who doesn't? If you do, what is your favorite sport to watch?

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I haven't been, although I'm not sure why. I like gymnastics and diving.

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I don't watch it. I very rarely watch tv. I might catch bits and pieces if dh has it on. If I had to pick a fav, gymnastics.

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I am loving the Olympics! Sometimes I forget how much I love them until I start watching them. DH and I are glued to them and Sophia keeps saying "I don't like this movie" LOL

Swimming, diving, and gymnastics are keeping me intrigued! I couldn't believe Phelps got his butt whooped in the 400! I felt bad for him but honestly that's what he gets for expecting these Olympics to be the "cherry on the sunday" with only training for 9 months!

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I love watching the Olympics! Gymnastics and swimming are my faves. Alyssa has been loving the gymnastics too.

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I watch and will watch anything that's on. Noah will watch for a bit. He likes to watch anything too. He gets most excited by men's gymnastics (because he's in gymnastics), bicycling, tennis...there's not much he won't sit and watch for awhile.