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RQOTD --Monday

Is your little one more like you or more like DH? In looks and/or personality.

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For looks, I have no idea. I have always been told that he looks like his daddy but now people are saying he is starting to look like me.

Personality? I hate to admit he is totally me. I see so much of myself in him.

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People have said that Lyla is my clone. She looks and acts exactly like me.


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Looks, she was born looking the spitting image of her daddy, but now I get both. She has my smile, but some people say she looks like me and some people say she looks like DH. I can't tell.

Personality, she is (unfortunately) all me. Bossy, opinionated, loud, but definitely a leader. And loves to make people laugh. Her teachers always tell me "wherever Sophia is, that's where the rest of the kids are", she loves to be the life of the party and I was the same way. We are totally going to clash when she is a teenager...I'm already dreading it.

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OMG Tisha that is hilarious! She totally is your clone!

Carrie -- that is Zayden as well. He is the strong leader and stubborn as all. He really is a lot like me but then I am more reserved then he is too (but DH is 100% more reserved then me!)

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Alyssa looks like DH. Always has. There is a picture of DH at about 18 mo or so and he and Alyssa looked identical.

Personality- I don't really know! Both DH and I were really shy kids and are still pretty quite most of the time except around people we really know. Alyssa is not shy at all, she is pretty stubborn which is both us too. She is very strong willed and independent too.

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Ava is all me in looks. but she is going to have her Daddies height (lucky girl!) and his personality. She is so agreeable and wanting to please.

Andrew is all DH in looks, but will be shorter (sorry, son!) and he has my personaliy. He is more high strung, emotional and moody.

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Jackson has completely my looks. My baby pictures look like Jackson with a wig on. He was born with DH's personality/temperament, strong-willed, energetic, and outgoing, although I think that is changing and he's starting to be a bit more polite & eager to please like me.

When I was pregnant with Colby, I used to say that I wished he would look like DH and act like me, and I got my wish! He looks exactly like DH and his temperament is like mine, sooo easy-going. He even seems like he's going to be a lefty like me.

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I think Miles is a pretty good mix of both of us. He looks a lot like dh, but also looks like I did when I was little. Although he really looks a lot like my brother which is strange, lol.

As far as personality, dh and I are both pretty shy, except around people we know well, and we're both easy going. Miles seems to be like both of us so far.

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Jack is a mix of DH and I, he has my hair color but Sean's shaped eyes, he actually looks a lot like Sean's grandfather. Personality wise he's all Sean lol, not shy at all and very stubborn.

Nikolas looks a lot like my side, but he has Sean's coloring, personality Wise he seems to also take after Sean and he's already a people person.