RQOTD --Tuesday

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RQOTD --Tuesday

Man we are dead! Here is a random question -- what do you usually eat for lunch?

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Leftovers, usually indian food. Or, if at work, I occasionally eat out or pickup: sandwich, pizza, thai, salad.

I've totally not been posting, sorry. I'm rarely on a computer these days. I read via my phone, and do short posts on it (like right now, while nursing manoj), but it's a pain to do it for too long.

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I am trying to be really good so mostly I am eating a "skinny soup" of veggies that I make once a week and then bring. Its pretty good I guess.

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Um. Nothing. Sometimes eggs if I'm not totally lazy. I need to get in a better habbit of eating lunch. Lunch falls right after a workout and I should be refueling.

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Lately it has been a salad (on work days) since I've been on Weight Watchers for a few weeks.
When I'm home its sometimes a salad, or whatever the kids are eating or a quick Lean Cuisine/Smart one

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Usually PB&J, leftovers, mac 'n cheese, or pizza.

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I usually eat either left overs, mac & cheese or some kind of sandwhich, I need to start eating better.