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scaredy cat

Anybody else's Nestling afraid of things? We're having a heck of a time with Miles lately, mostly at night. He's too scared to go to sleep, needs us to stay with him to keep him safe. When I walk out of his room he will start to cry and covers his head up. Sad

He's also waking up in the night and is scared. He's been waking in the night almost every night for awhile, but he didn't have a problem going back to sleep. Now he will keep coming back to our room or cry. And because I'm still waking up with Vivi multiple times a night, I had this *great* idea to make a little nest for him on our bedroom floor. So he's slept there 2 nights when he's woken in the night. I know, a terrible new habit to start, but I need sleep (and he's not in our bed Wink )

We have a nightlight in his room, we leave the door propped open, he has glow in the dark stars in there, has a special blanket to sleep with, etc.

He's also afraid of things during the daytime. He used to be able to play downstairs by himself for short periods of time if I run upstairs to get a snack or make lunch or something, but now a minute after I head upstairs he's crying for me. He won't walk down our hallway by himself to go to the bathroom. :confused:

Any advice? Anybody else dealing with this?

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Yes! Most of the time Lyla is "scared" because she doesn't want to do something. She can be to scared to brush her teeth, eat dinner, get dressed, etc. Other times her imagination gets the best of her. She had her first vivid nightmare, and keeps bringing it up. I am starting to figure out when it is for attention, and when she really is scared.

Try to find some time to do big kid stuff and getting one on one with you or dh. I know that is easier said than done. Also, I bet his imagination is getting the best of him too. Lyla was terrified when a bear came into her room and scratched her. I talked to her later about it, and pointed out things that would make it seem not so real to her.

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Ashley, we're going through exactly the same thing! Seriously, I could have written those EXACT words! I usually just basically tell him to suck it up, there's no such thing as monsters and go back to bed. DH on the other hand, thinks it's great to go sleep in his bed with him. Wonderful, considering now I'm home by myself 4-5 nights a week now while DH is out of town Sun-Thurs/Fri for the next 8 months. Last night, Noah made his way to my bed at 12:40am and we had a discussion about him where he was sleeping, but neither of us was willing to give in. I finally did because I had to get up in 5 hours for work. It's so frustrating and it's pretty much every single night. it's getting old and I don't know what to do, other than chalk it up to being another stage and riding it out. Like DH said, he's not going to want to sleep with us forever (and he never once did until we moved to this new house last Sept), so let's take advantage while we can. Yeah, until we have another child and before we know it, we have two kids in our bed each night! Anyways, you're definitely not alone.

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Jude's starting to get scared of things, too. He's had nightmares about dragons, bubble monsters, and green puppets and tells me about them in pretty vivid details. Heck, the way he tells me about his dreams makes ME a little scared, too! (: We tell him that there's no such thing as most of the things that scare him, but I honestly don't think he's able to comprehend that right now. A couple of things that have worked for us:

-We tell him that Mommy and Daddy are right downstairs and are here to keep him safe. He's just having bad dreams, but that he can trust Mommy and Daddy to keep him safe.
-We pray with him and tell him that God is protecting him, and we pray that God would calm his mind and heart and help him to know that he is safe
-We turn a lamp on in his room. A nightlight wasn't cutting it for him, and neither was propping his door open and leaving the hallway light on. We told him that we would leave the lamp on as long as he stayed in bed, but that if he got out of bed we'd turn it off. Thankfully he never got out of bed - I'm not sure I'd have the heart to make him sleep in the dark.
-We stopped using a sound machine. I realized that's what he thought was making the dragon noises. Again, we told him he'd hear noises, but that it was just Mommy and Daddy downstairs and that if he got out of bed, we'd have to turn the sound machine on again.

I also try to give him some tools to not be so scared of the things that frighten him. I try to help him see the scary dragon and bubble monster as funny. I told him one time that the dragon probably roared at him because the dragon was scared of him. I told him if he said, "hi, dragon. you don't need to be scared of me. i'm just jude. maybe we can play?" that maybe the dragon will be nice. Surprisingly, that worked.

I've also told him that when he has bad dreams and he doesn't want to see those things in his room that he can say, "NO NO WAY, DRAGON! [or bubble monster, or whatever...]. YOU GET OUT OF HERE!" Then we do a little kicking motion to pretend like we're kicking it out.

I's weird. But it seems to be working.

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We've been having an awful time with Jack at night, he'll wake up at least 3 times a night crying and screaming and lately he's been talking about a camera in his lamp so he must have had a nightmare about it. We have one of those turtles that project stars on the ceiling, he has a flashlight and a little portable nightlight moon. He's been having issues with allergies too and last night was up until after midnight.

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Ava is afraid of the dark. A while ago a night light stopped doing the trick and she asked to sleep with the lights on. We switched out her bulbs for a softer light, and I just let her have it on all night.

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Sophia is so not scared of the dark that she will actually get up by herself in a pitch black house, go to the bathroom, and go back to bed, without waking anyone up. I am shocked that she does that....strange child. I don't even leave a night light on in the bathroom! I'm waiting for the hammer to drop...I'm sure any day she is going to start having nightmares or something but only a couple of times ever has she said something about being scared of monsters after seeing it on a cartoon and I have just told her that monsters are pretend and Jesus sends angels to protect her while she's sleeping and that was it.

However, if she was scared I would let her sleep with her light on if it came to that...I also would go so far as to let her sleep in "a little nest" (stole that from you Ashley Smile on the floor in our room if it came to that too. I think you just do what you have to do to get through these years and like others have said...they won't last forever. I would NOT let her sleep in our bed because we only have a queen and I feel squished as it is with just me and DH! I need my space!

I hope it gets better for you all that are struggling with it!

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Lily doesn't have any problems with the dark or waking up at night, but she all of a sudden has been TERRIFIED of bugs and spiders. It's been so nice lately that I've been keeping the windows open, and I have no screens on my windows (annoying!!) so these huge, but luckily harmless and easy to kill bugs have been getting in the house. She refuses to go to sleep until I have killed every last one of them. Not that I blame her, but she will scream at the top of her lungs until I get rid of them :roll:

She did tell me she was scared of the dark a few weeks ago, but I'm pretty sure she only said it b/c my boyfriend's 7 yr old daughter (who she LOVES and follows around constantly Lol is afraid of it and sleeps w/ her light on. I just told her no she wasn't, that was silly b/c she sleeps in the dark all the time, and we laughed about it (she laughs anytime she thinks something is silly) and she hasn't mentioned it since.