Separation anxiety?!?!?

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Separation anxiety?!?!?

No not Josh...ME! Today is Josh's first day at his new preschool. He's been going to preschool since he was two, however, my MIL was a teacher there, it was only half days, and only three days a week. His new school is all day every day and he doesn't know anyone there and I don't "know" anyone there. I think he is excited and will/is just fine, but I'm a mess! I don't know if it's my pregnancy hormones or what. Just before we left for vacation I took him for a few hours to meet his teachers and just hang out in his classroom for a while and I practically cried the entire time we were there....for NO reason. Smile Today I made Greg take him, because I just couldn't handle it. He said that Josh ran right in and started playing and was just fine. I've only cried twice today. LOL

Please tell me everything is going to be okay and I'm not the only who reacts this way.

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Well I managed to make it until 11:30 to call and check on him. The teacher said he was doing great and getting to know some of the other kids. They were doing Yoga when I called.....he's probably wondering what the heck is this!?! I can't wait to hear all about it tonight.

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I'm gonna be the same way in September when Jack goes to preschool, just thinking about it makes me emotional! That's cute they were doing yoga lol!

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I remember the first time I watched my now 15 yr old nephew go to kindergarten. I was visiting my sister in CA and went with her to drop him off. He looked so tiny with his huge backpack on and walking to class. I totally cried! And it wasn't my kid nor was it the first day! lol! It's pretty much a sure bet I'll be a mess when it's my kids turn.

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That's an emotional time anyway, and if you add pregnancy hormones to the mix, I'm surprised you aren't crying more :). I'm glad Josh likes it! It will be really good for him to have school, and his friends, teachers, and routine there after your next LO is born. For aasha, preschool was the one stable constant after manoj arrived, and that was really helpful.

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Josh had a great day and his teacher said he acted like he had been coming to school all along. I feel so much better today. Smile

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Aww Good for Josh! Even though Zayden has been in daycare/school, everytime he starts a new program or moves up I get teary. My baby boy is growing up too fast!

How did Josh like Yoga?

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Happy to hear his first day went well! I would be very emotional, too! Add in pregnancy, and probably wouldn't be pretty! Biggrin